Why women cut their hair short and gain weight after marriage?

I consider myself to be pro-marriage and I'm not one of those guys who relish always being single and who are scared from commitment, but it's very noticeable that many women after getting married cut their hair short and gain extra fat, and this trend really makes me want to change my ways and to stay away from marriage.

It has happened to many people I know, it has happened to every married woman in my family/who is a relative and so on.

Why this sort of thing happens?


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  • i don't know. one time when I was the gym the gym attendant and I were just talking about stuff and the topic of fitness and lack of people who come to the gym came up. anyways I have no clue how it came up but he was talking about some woman he knew who was talking to his girlfriend or someone else he knew. anyways he told me he overheard the woman say "well now that I'm married I can let myself go." I was like what? I've always wondered how would her husband feel if he heard her say that. geez huh?

    i personally think fitness and self esteem go hand in hand. single or married - fitness is for life :o)

    oh and one last thing. at least the trend of cutting hair really short and then getting a perm is over! I hope :oP

    • I agree, they think they can let themselves go, the husband is stuck with her.

      Do you know any tips to spot them right away before it's too late?

    • haha you're funnee. no I don't really know too many tips about that one

      but if there is one tip (clue) its how a woman really feels about herself

      that's a serious tip too dude

      i've had too many women give me a hard time based solely on how I look

      and to me that's an indication how they really feel about themselves

      if you're into fitness and meet a gal whose into fitness as well

      then I'd say that's a pretty good tip that she works out to stay fit and in shape :o)


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  • I think it's because when a (speaking generally, although it might not always be the case) woman isn't married she's kind of focused on finding someone so she tries to keep herself attractive. Once she's married who is she trying to impress? Not her husband because he's kind of stuck with her.

    • That makes a lot of sense.

    • Toulouse: disagree. anyone wh has so little self confidence, that they only care about their health as a way to attract a partner, isn't going to stop once married. there's cheating & not coming home-as the QA threatened. also I don't think that applies to most women, health is usually enjoyed equally by single people who are happy being single & pre marriage people.

    • why does it say "Toulouse". Wtf are you talking about?

  • Maybe because most couples who are married have kids and its just a convenience, women with long hair have to really take care f it or it will be a disaster. Women with shorter hair don't have to takes care of it as much and decided to take care of their kids more than their hair?

  • It is their hair,they have all the right to cut it.

    • Technically yes, but would then they have any rights to complain why the husband is never home?

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    • OK sorry but I'm not going to get a boyfriend who likes me for my looks,I'm gonna date a guy who will still love me even if I go bald with no hair and fat.

      And by the way cutting hair doesn't make the girl look ugly at all, especially when she earns weight, she will look cute,really cute with short hair .

      My hair is already short :P I'm gonna make it shorter like link

    • Ops, the first link doesn't work,try this link

  • some women tend to gain weight once they've had babies and women can lose their hair duting pregnancy. I also think its because its easier taming shorter hair and they feel like they don't have to impress other guys or look pretty for anyone because theyve already got a man.

  • Stress, obligations

    • And that is a valid reason to cut their hair?

  • The only way of truly preventing it is to merry a trophy wife. (if you don't want to look at someone ugly the rest of your life) because she would merry you for money and you would merry her for looks. To me that sounds like what you want. To you looks are what apparently really matter...Not her happiness...

    • You misinterpret it, but of course looks do matter. Personality matters too. And that also worsens after marriage, many women then become nagging, intolerant, selfish and drama-bound. Also money is not a guarantee for a good personality.. but good enough to attract a gold-digger, which no sane man wants obviously.

    • Idk, all I know is I will not Let. That happen to me...some people don't feel obligated to look good after marriage. But I don't think you should let yourself go. You should always have conference and make yourself the best you can be.

  • well the hair probably falls down to practicality. if you have kids running around or you're working, cleaning house, etc. life can get a bit hectic and shorter hair is easier to care for and out of the way. why don't men grow their hair long and see how practical it is while doing physical work and taking care of kids.

    gaining weight also comes with children and common not so healthy lifestyles. this isn't a woman thing. I see tons of older married fat guys or guys with guts. why do they gain weight? why aren't you asking these questions as well? is there some law that says women can't gain weight and cut their hair short? some women do that well before they get married, as do some men.

    • I used to have long hair in my late teens, and I know what it means.

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    • changing your physical appearance is no justification for cheating. otherwise, you need to make it clear to all women that if their husband ever gains weight, loses muscle definition, loses his hair or starts greying, develops problems with his penis as he ages, etc. all these physical things are reasons for a woman to step out, to demand divorce, etc. be consistent is all I'm saying. if we want to go that route, lets go there. women aren't the only ones who age and change up their style.

    • if I have to walk around looking like miss America all day, you better come home looking like the cover of GQ. if you can meet that challenge, then sure you can make the "good looking people only stay with good looking people" which again means your relationship and your devotion to her is based on looks, but that's fine. however, most women who gain weight and cut their hair short aren't exactly dating the cover of GQ. I don't see that too often. I see balding men with pot bellies and bad style.

  • New life = new look.

    My advice to you is to try to get to know the person well, so that she won't become what you fear.


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  • Weight gain during pregnancy and then the obligations of children cutting into everyday life. When you have so much to do, it's not easy to always eat right and exercise as much as you should. As far as the short hair thing, I don't know.

    • maybe because by the time you're married there is no need to impress the guy to actually get him because uve already got him and on another note, whether she does become overweight and cut her hair short does it really matter, you married her for her not her bloomin' hair LOL.. hair grows... and sometimes it gets hard maintaining it.

    • Well I would hope my wife would want to be sexually desirable to me. =P If all it is for you is about getting a ring, then expect things to end within 5 years. That aside, I was pointing out that "life happens". When you are very young you don't have as much responsibility. You have more time for leisure, exercise, etc. When you are married with a family it eats into your free time and something has to suffer. Not all women get fat, but the reason I mentions is one reason many do.

  • Toulouse: if your not going to come home because your wife cut her hair, don't get marred... you're a moron.