Married man teases me and I tease him back at times

Ok, I know this is a ridiculous question but I just want others opinions.

I really didn't think about the fact that I have teased this married man at work several times. It sure doesn't help the fact that he teases me all the time. There isn't any touching involved at all and trust me there wouldn't be any inappropriate touching. Plus I'm always teasing my brothers and family. They've always teased me since I was little too.

But I know this guy loves his wife dearly. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't ever try anything. He is just a rather nice guy and I know every guy is different. I'm sure he is just being friendly plus that is what most guys do they tease and pick on each other. I just need to back off more since I am a woman.

If I was his wife I know for sure I wouldn't like seeing my man teasing another woman and seeing her tease him back. Or the other way around too.

And yes I do like this guy and might be over thinking things but I just don't want any thing bad to happen.

Please explain your answer and no harsh answers. I just want opinions.


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  • I think you should sort of tone it down a little bit because you are starting to like him if you are taking the time to write this. And you shouldn't like this guy. I think you should maintain your professional composure because men love it when soemone else notices them other than their wives and you do not want to be the reason of the breakup.

    But what sort of teasing is there? Is it sexual teasing? Is it flirtatious teasing? If it is the two, then I think you should sort of back off.

    If you do not want any bad things to happen, I think you should tease him in a playful mean way and don't be alone with him.

    • I agree with lushlove..drop it quickly because what you're thinking and what he may be thinking are probably on two different ends of the office relationship spectrum.

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    • hey thank you for the BA! Appreciate it! xo

    • Yes no problem!


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  • Teasing/flirting is natural between a man and a woman. I flirted and teased my female coworker the whole time she was in a relationship. Yes I like her quite a bit, but I'd never ruin her relationship with things I do. Once I found out she was in one, I did pretty much cut off all outside contact from work with her. At work we still talk about sex, and make sex jokes with each other. But that is as far as it goes.


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  • Men are men... and your teasing he can prob only handel for so long... most people dnt kno they woulx cheat till the opportunity is there... you should stop if that was your husband wouldn tht hurt u... looks lead to flirting and leads to more etc etc

  • sry, no idea.

  • sry, no idea