Is It True That Australian Men Love American Women?

So I heard this rumor that Aussie men love American women? Now I know this is more likely a stereotype more than anything, but I was still curious as to how many actually do like American women.

I want to visit Australia one day, it seems so beautiful, and I'll admit that I've got a thing for Australian men, especially the Aussie Cowboys.

But so do a lot of women. lol

Anyway I've also heard the opposite, that Australians hate Americans.

So is it one or the other? Both?

And if you do, what kind?

Just American women, or maybe New Yorkers, California woman, Southern women?

  • Vote A Yes, LOVE THEM!
  • Vote B No, not really.
  • Vote C I like some types of American women.
  • Vote D Absolutely not.
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  • Wishful thinking anyone? xD

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      haha well if I ever do get the chance to visit Australia I'd like to know whether or not I'd be welcomed or if most Australians will be irritated. Besides, I have a hard time believing this hype, it seems like most other countries can't stand Americans.