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10 More Interesting and Mind-Boggling Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Since people liked the past two, here are even ten more interesting facts you might not know. 1. Fluffy you MONSTER There are only two Animals on the planet that will kill purely for their own enjoyment. They are Humans,...


The Battle Between Good and Evil Exists: It's Inside You

I don't believe in God or the Devil. I believe in good and evil for sure though. I believe everyone is born with a set of commandments from within. If you broke your inner rules then it would tear open holes within you...


5 of the Most Hauntingly Arresting Abandoned Places in the World

Here’s my list of 5 of the most hauntingly striking abandoned places from around the world. Which one interests you most? Do you have any cool ones to add? I wanted to keep asylums and hospitals off this list and give you...


Smile: A Child's Poem

Here is a poem by one of my daughters. Every time I wake up I go to the yard of my house, look up at the sky, and say to myself: today will be a beautiful day. The weather doesn’t matter, I have to smile, I have to be...


The Best Totally Obscene Yet Strangely Catchy Songs

Some songs are so terrible...but if it's catchy it makes up for it. Even if it mentions "dick" a million times, it's so bad it's good. It'll somewhat offend anyone who's overly religious or conservative - but that can be...


8 Things That Happen To You After You Turn 30

I probably don't have to tell you twice, but if you're under thirty, enjoy those years. It's not to say great things won't or can't happen to you after thirty, because they do, but under 30 you have youth on your side....


Pitbulls: Are They Really Monsters?

a lot of people see Pitbulls in a bad light well I'm going to put some light on this what Pitbulls are actually like . when you say pitbull people see this they see them as nothing more than killers they make them out to...


7 Ways To Change Your Height Virtually

Only virtually though, because physically your height won't change. (In alphabetical order) 1) Hairdo Truth is that hairdo isn’t so much essential about this thing, because when it comes to height, people tend to look at...


Pastel - A Poem Written By Me

A/N: Just another poem I decided to share with you guys. I'm feeling kind of weird lately - thank you mental illnesses! Anywho, I hope you like it, and share your opinion on it. Pastel I'm pastel on my own. Bright only...


Rumi's Very Best Quotes, Sayings and Wonders

Rumi quotes and sayings just take you to a another place where you are lost in wonder,i love how Rumi expresses his thoughts in his quotes and sayings. Why are you so enchanted by this world? while a...


4 Things That Just Annoy the Sh** Out of Me

I've wanted to write this take for a while now and I'm finally getting around to it so here we go. 1. The this car climbed Mt. Washington bumper sticker Now Mt. Washington is a Mountain in New Hampshire and there is a...


Everyday Technology That Exists Because of War

I know that nobody likes going to war. It's bloody, causes conflict, love ones get hurt, people die, and the list just goes on and on. Though due to the wars countries get into they end up inventing things that have now...


The Burning Bride

The Burning Bride. I wrote this long time ago, also decided to share it here, here goes nothing: The ocean, like your eyes, stares calmly, Its voice, like yours, speaks hardly, My hand reaches to touch yours, but you...


The 4 Phobias I Have and Why I Detest Them

This is a mytake where I will be writing about my biggest fears and things that just make my skin crawl, make me feel nauseated or that I just absolutely dread. This took a lot of courage for me to write, but if you still...


WWIII and Death to the Mosquito

The idea occurred to me after reading an article about how scientists were combating the spread of Zika virus AND after going outside to grill steak last night and being bitten 8x's in 5 minutes by those pesky winged...


4 Famous Men I Admire and Aspire To Be Like

4. Dolph Lundgren He probably had one of the most perfect bodies I've ever seen on a guy, being 6'5", muscular and an excellent martial artist, which made him definitely a heavyweight fighting machine. No wonder he had...


4 Things People Need to Stop Saying About Feminism

Since there been nothing about people bitching about feminism and I'm getting annoyed enough to write about this. So here it is things people need to stop saying about feminism. 1. I'm a man hater Funny the people who...


The Most Common Lies I Tell Myself When Hiding My Depression

I've got depression And I've had it for years and even when I'm at my darkest I put on a brave face for the people around me. I know right now and at other times when I feel okay that I shouldn't but in the throes of...


Harboring the Silence and Awakening the Confidence

"Let me just start off by saying this: Life is tough! With all the bullies and judgment that is passed around by our peers and elders in this day and age, it’s difficult to figure out who you truly are. It seems...


On the Eighth Day, God Created the Bro Code

Article I. The Golden Rules a. On death or injury, clear a bro's search history. b. If you're lifting with your bro and he has a heart attack, call 911 and add more weights to the bar. c. If a bro locks eyes with another...


5 Things to Know Before You Visit New England

A lot of people visit New England every year as its a very popular tourist destination however the fact is that there are a lot of things that people just don't understand before they come here. If @falloutboy2001 and...


How My Summer Has Gone So Far

I've had 17 summers in my life and for as long as I can remember (back to about 13 years ago), this was the most uneventful and negative summer. June: School ended and then I had my birthday. That's it. Went out for walks...


4 Things That Will Make Me Lose All Respect for a Person

1. Abusing Animals It takes a special kind of monster to get their kicks off of hurting pets. When kids do it, its often a sign of a future serial killer for a reason. I've fostered English Springer Spaniels for the New...


How Being A Conventionally "Pretty" Girl Has Affected My Life

I don't want this to sound like a cry of attention or as though I am proud, which is why I'm posting anonymously. This is not to be deemed as for any other purpose than to throw some insight onto what it's like to be a...


7 Weird Things Taco the Great Wants Out of Life

1) To have a stereotypical otaku room. I shall keep all my waifu and husbando pillows in here. 2) To have a princess looking room to go with the style of clothing I like. Simply because I deserve it. *-* 3) To have an...


The Things That Keep Me Up At Night...

As a child I would go to bed, and I use to be scared so I would keep the lamplight on. Of course as an adult that fear went away, and now I think that being scared of the dark is completely silly. I moved into my uncle's...


Dry Season's Absence: How August Is Going So Far in the Philippines

So far, rainy season and La NiƱa is taking place. Those raindrops were hitting my glass window yesterday. The Philippines, the country where I live, experiences more frequent rainy weather from June to November as...


10 Life Lessons The Voices In My Head Agree With... Kind Of

This started out, like most of my thoughts, as insane ramblings of a inebriated mind with occasional bouts of sober-ish-ness. But after looking over things and polishing up some of rants I figured why not share some Life...


Immoral Restraint - Poem

Just a poem I wrote inspired by past abuse, and emotional pain. TW: Abuse, swearing, mental illness.Immoral Restraint I'm insane, it's a fuel that burns slowly. Like a villain that torments my every thought. Take me...


One Little Thing That Made Australians SNAP

Legend has it, the last time a similar ripple was put through the easygoing folks of Australia was back in the mid 1980's. When Peter's ice cream inexplicably changed the shape of its iconic Choc-Wedge ice cream to...


Why I Don't Own A Cell Phone

1) It Cuts You Off From The World Being on your phone all the time cuts you off from reality and your surroundings. You end up so engrossed in what you're doing that you don't notice what's happening around you. 2) The...


The Dreams I Dream When I'm not Dreaming: A Job, Marriage, Kids...Growing Up

These are things about life I find important and personal achievements. These things are universal; however they are very unique for each and everyone one of us. And to dream is so important. Because it gives you...


Hello, I'm A Curious Person, Nice to Meet You!

I'm writing this because people seem to assume that everybody who askes a question on certain hot botton topics, is either for or against said topic. No one stops to think that maybe, just maybe, the person asking is just...


Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Dogs Are Not Less Evil Than Cats People tend to argue that dogs are better because there is a myth that dogs are good and cats are evil. They are portrayed as opposites who chase/fight each other. Cats are thought to be...


What It's Like to Feel Everything So Deeply

I think every one of you have heard of the extremely sensitive people. I am one of them. I haven't really understood why other people have so easy to move on and get along with everything. I have always thought I am just...


Kittens and Babies: Cute Pictures to Keep You Smiling Throughout the Week!

I am a cat person through and through, there are only few things that amaze me more than cats, but a child with its innocent smile can melt your heart and I am no exception to the charm. So, I decided to share some...


Men And Women Are Not Skillfully Equal

I've always considered myself an equalist. Women and Men equal to each other intellectually and in importance. But I find that a lot of people don't understand that I mean "equalist" in a sense of worth and general...


Why Christianity Is Not A Monotheistic Religion

The Christian God (The Trinity) is composed of three elements: the Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. I went to Catholic school all my life. I grew up learning about the Christian religion all throughout kindergarten...


Ranger's Top 10 Traffic Grievances!

Yep, that's right. You read the title correctly. I am about to share and, in some cases, lambaste ten things that I see on the road with great frequency that - literally and figuratively - drive me bonkers. Enjoy! 1. Not...


My Experiences with Christianity and "Jesus Camp"

I'd like to start off by saying that I am not an overly committed religious person (like I'm don’t’ go to church every Sunday or praying every day) and until recently I've had a very negative view of Christianity which...