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Take your quirky random questions here and find out what others think.


9 Surprising Advantages of Being Short

Recently I feel like there have been a few myTakes and questions on height and the comments are usually a minefield of people citing disadvantages and being bitter about being short. Well, being the optimist I am and...


3 Haikus For You to Enjoy

just thought I'd share some Haikus I wrote with y'all ^^ for those that don't know Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. [Haiku 1] Rain pelts, weathered stones as fish swim, beneath the storm unaware, serene [Haiku 2] Soft...


7 Ways to Earn Respect Rather Than Demand It

This myTake promotes seven ways to earn respect rather than demand it. 1. Not lying I have little to no respect for liars, especially for the persistent ones existing in multiple forms like SPIES, BACK STABBERS,...


Obvious and Not So Obvious Phrases and Criticism People Hate Hearing

Stating the obvious... Your handwriting is terrible. (Doing the best I can.) You're not perfect yourself. (Obviously.) You have small boobs. (Duh.) Life goes on. (Does it...?) Your nose is crooked. (Ugh...) You have so...


The Boat at the End of the Earth, and Other Mysteries That'll Never Be Solved

We like to think that everything will eventually be answered. That someday somehow that humans will find all the answers. That there will be no more unsolved mysteries. This is not true. No matter what we will never know...


10 Reasons Why I Hate Microsoft

I'm really frustrated with Microsoft lately. I really regret that I was using their products for years. And I still do but I hope not for long. These are the reasons why I cannot stand Microsoft. (In alphabetical order)...


8 Insane Ways To Get High

1. Drinking a bottle of hand sanitizer A large bottle of hand sanitizer has the same amount of alcohol as 32 shots of vodka! It's a very cheap and deadly buzz, As surprisingly, You can poison yourself very easily by...


5 Forms of Stealing I Bet Everyone Hates and Wants To Get Rid Of

I find the act of stealing merciless. In a world where most people reap what they sow, stealing is an intentional crossing of the boundaries of possession. Violating one's right to possession, whether it would entail...


3 Super Cool Outdoor Toys for Grown-Ups

Its summertime right now and that means things like camp-outs, barbecues, and pool parties. So here are some of the most fun outdoor toys for grown ups out there. Slingshot These things aren't just for little kids...


10 Simple Things That'll Make You Happier in Life

1. Music Music helps a lot, if you choose the right music you can influence your feelings. Music can make you happy, sad, mad, jumpy, excited, etc. 2. Writing or reading Writing is a very good way to express yourself and...


An Open Rant to Parents: Control Your Children!

There is one reason I HATE shopping during the Summer, and it has nothing to do with the humidity or the heat. Its the parents who bring their whiny, bratty little children shopping with them when they are out of school!...


Mirror, Mirror On the Wall...

Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all? I ask this every day for my mirror. But, it never answered. Am I pretty? Am I beautiful? Why I am ugly? No answer. No, you aren't. - I hear myself.- You'll be...


Why Childbirth Hurts Far More Than Getting Hit in the Balls, and Why US Women DON'T "Have it Better"

According to one poll I saw on here, 39% of guys think that getting hit in the balls hurts worse than giving birth. I can't believe that this is even a common belief. It clearly comes from men who have never seen birth. I...


13 Irritating Behaviors that Make Me Go Stark Raving Mad >:(

Am sure a lot of you get angry for some kind of reason, and I would like to list a few things that make me go >:( I might/might not have anger issues but all I know for sure is that I have a bad temper... 1. When people...


A Little Self-Love: My 6 Favorite Physical Features

1. My Green Eyes 2. My Long Legs (It comes with my height 6'2") 3. My Thick, Light Brown Hair 4. My Thigh Gap 5. My Big Boobs 6. My Nice Thick Eyebrows None of these are my pictures, as I would never post a picture...


7 Reasons Why Chihuahuas Are The Best Dog Breed

Today I will be sharing my take on "Why Chihuahuas Are The Best Dog Breed". Please note: These are personal opinions only. Please do not hate on, if you disagree. 1. Adorable First if all Chihuahuas are so adorable! Just...


My Favorite Things To Do When I'm Alone

Being an introvert these are my favorite ways to recharge. If I don't get my solitude I become irritable, my patience is very short, I might stutter when I talk (because I will feel like I am sort of breath) and I will...


9 Ways To Become A More Positive Person

"Don't worry, be happy!" The common phrase seems to be a lot easier said then done in this day and age. With everything we have going on in our lives, it's easy to forget how much we have to be thankful for. It seems like...


Lindsay Lohan Riding A Bumble Bee!

That's right you read that correctly! I started writing this story because I of a dream I had back in 2005. In the dream Lindsay was riding around on a Bee while tying shoelaces together and putting plastic wrap over...


Marching For the President: An Experience I'll Never Forget

In 2012, our high school marching band marched in the inaugural parade. I remember the day that we were first told about us being invited. It was one of the last days of the fall semester, our band director had everyone...


Random Awesome Stuff That Makes Life Worth Living

So we're always bitching about all the bad stuff in life like bills, work, school, Islamic terrorists, feminists, that question from every day asking which Indian girl is prettier etc etc the list goes on and on forever....


20 Fun Summer Activities I Adored As a Youngster

I recently started walking with my Aunt and yesterday, she brought her 8yr old grandson with her. He wanted to bring the iPad while we walked and she said "no". That led to a discussion between me and my Aunt about how...


Funny (Or Just Plain Annoying) Things That Happen When You're Getting Ready 😅 😆

Sometimes when you need to go out (school/work/etc.) and you're in a rush ⏰ ...some tiny "accidents" happen 😂 1. Makeup accidents 😂 👀💄 Sh** happens while putting on some makeup. Or you end up like this: 2. Morning...


20 Group Photos You Should Try At Least Once

Tips For Getting Great Group Shots Most people just take a standard group photo, and they are nice, but why not get a bit more creative so your group photos will be much more memorable and fun for all involved. Whichever...


5ive Random Things That Make Me Feel Good ^_^

Down below are a few random things that make me feel good ;) It can be the simplest thing ever :) 1. Getting rid of bra When I'm back home form somewhere the first thing I do is to get rid of my bra and let my "girls"...


15 Awkward Moments That Make You Feel Like a Total Dope

1. When nobody gets your joke.2. When you send a text message to the wrong person. 3. When someone notices you checking them out. 4. When you wave hey to someone & they didn't even see you. 5. You: Hey, wow its been a...


Be Shy and Proud Of It: "Introvert" Isn't a Dirty Word

Being shy or an introvert isn't anything bad. However many people mistake the silence of a shy or introvert person as being rude. I have always been shy, but I have learned to challenge myself. And I have noticed it...


Stop with the Pokemon Go takes!

Look, guys... I love the game as much as you do. I play it all the time, when walking around town. But for the love of a God I don't even believe in, STOP WITH THE DAMN TAKES. Can we talk about something else? Politics...


10 More Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know

There is a lot of surprising facts about the world that most people don't know, I already covered ten of them here are ten more. 1. The Tenth President of the United States HAS TWO LIVING GRANDCHILDREN John Tyler was...


Ugly Guys and Gals: Let's Join the "We Are Ugly" Club!

Are you disappointed that no one finds you handsome? Do you feel like you are constantly overshadowed by beautiful people? Well, come join the "We Are Ugly" Club! It's the club for Ugly People like you! In this club, we...


Your Own Worst Enemy

Ok I'm going off of personal experiences and experiences of others. So while many can't relate some can. I've come to a point in my life where I realize just how much I'm worth to myself. For years I always thought other...


15 Weird Websites to Check Out When You Should be Working

Why yes I have too much time on my hands, why do you ask? (None of these sites are inappropriate from what I've seen.) 1. Shower Thoughts This website is a hilarious compilation of...


What's So Unrealistic About the Hot Model Look?

Lately you hear a lot of girls say "that's not a realistic body" if they see a picture of a fit woman. I watch videos of girls looking at Victoria secret model's pictures and say "that's not a real body" or "guys should...


25 Thoughts Tall Girls Have

1. Just once I wish someone would ask me if I play tennis, or soccer, or run...anything else! 2. Walk, walk, duck, walk, walk, duck, ow!, duck, walk, duck, walk (typical trip down a tree lined sidewalk). 3. I don't know...


6 Inspirational Quote Memes We Need to Stop Sharing

People post all sorts of bullshit 'inspirational' quotes and memes on their Facebook walls and places however the fact is that A LOT of them are at best bullshit and at worst absolutely terrible advice that can get you...


How Being Humble Helps Us to Live a Happier Life

Humility is a very important virtue and it can actually help you get ahead in life. 1. Recognize Your Limitations And Accept them Acknowledge the fact that you're a human being and you aren't perfect. A humble person sees...


Be Careful Where You Gas Up! Plus Additional Info on Fuel

For most people, fueling up their car is just something they don't really think about and is just drains money from their bank accounts. However, the fuel you buy is an investment. Get bad fuel, and it will cost you later...


10 Ways to Upgrade Your Stuff With Spray Paint

Spray paint has really come a long way. Sure it's always been the colors of the rainbow, but now there are so many options, probably thanks in large part to Pinterest, of finishes, and textures, and metallics, that there...


15 Facts to Give You Hope

I know that a lot of people on here are having a really hard time lately, myself included. I just wanted to show people that all is not lost and that there is hope. 1. Poverty rates have gone down In the last thirty...


5 Strange Thefts That Make You Say, "WTF Did They Steal THAT?!"

Most crimes are committed for understandable reasons. Its not usually a very good reason but you can usually understand the logic behind them. People rob banks because that's where they keep the money. People are serial...