Are You Breathing Or Living?

Many people exist on Earth, allowing valuable and limited time to pass them by.

They're surrounded in their own self pity, feeling sorry for themselves.

As if drowning in your own sorrows will keep you afloat?

It never makes things get any better, in fact it only allows it to get worse.

Are You Breathing Or Living?

These people walk around feeling unaccomplished, never trying anything thing new.

Their entire lives has become a routine because they do the same things, day in and day out.

They are just one of the many functioning members of society.

They're carrying on and existing.

Their lungs are steadily filled with air.

This is what allows them to push forward.

They continue to exist, never really feeling the full satisfaction that life has to bring.

They're just breathing, supplying their lungs with oxygen.

They seem to always fail to see the full extent and joy that life has to bring.

Today I awake, overturning a new stone in my life.

I inhale fresh air, and although my day wasn't all I hoped it to be yesterday,

I have full optimism that today will be so much greater.

I proceed with my everyday occurrences, but I quickly embrace new people, experiences,

and lessons that can be learned for today.

I do not shut the door, on what seems foreign to me, instead I open my ears and I am willing

to listen and learn.

I am able to see the beauty that life has to offer.

I am not stuck inside of my box, only doing what is routine.

I am alive.

I am living not just breathing.

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  • Which is why I will never be monogamous. Your take here is the fuel behind my living. I find it interesting how people say explore new things, but don't take that same premise to sex and their sexual lives. It's also why I advocate that nice/shy guys get prostitutes if they battle with the opposite gender. You going to die and tomorrow is never promised, why limit yourself to a few experiences.


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  • Both equally as life will never be perfect.


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  • I really like that take - A very simple and positive outlook

  • Technically, if you're living then you're also breathing. I would've phrased it 'are you living or just breathing?' But I get what you're saying. Nice take.

    • I think when people come with outside knowledge of every day words they tend to overlook the writers interpretations of how they are using those very same words. Yes , I know technically if you're breathing you are alive. But let's just focus on the context of those words are used in this article.
      This is also how people fail vocabulary tests , they come with their already known definition of the word instead of seeing that the entire meaning can be altered by the authors use and sentences. That is the power of writing.
      Thanks for commenting !

    • And also , "just breathing" was mentioned throughout the entire article. You're only referencing to the title itself

    • Oh yeah, I know what you intended. And I was only referencing the title - I like getting into semantics sometimes.

  • Breathing, lately its all I can manage,
    Sometimes I just want it to stop as well

  • I'm living. I've lived through the pain and suffering and I gotta deal with what comes next. I ain't just breathing, I'm living.

  • I am all of the above

  • *checks pulse* Im a zombie

  • yeah I'm a vampire so where do I fit?

  • I@m not breathing, help me :o


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