Stop Being A Government Leech And Get Out There And Work (RANT)

We've all seen these types of people before. They are perfectly contented with not looking for a job, and taking as much as they can from the government.

I know the above video seems bad, but the problem gets worse when these women decide to have children.

Now, they aren't only affecting just their life they are doing so to their very own offspring.

They are stopping the growth of their own children because they are raising them to think it's okay to be unambitious and strive for nothing in life.

The children will eventually grow up, and continue the cycle.

All I can hope is, somewhere along that family tree, the chain becomes broken.

When someone decides to become a parent. The first thing they have to do is put their children first. This means, making selfless decisions.

Every move you make and every thing you do, should be based on the fact that you want to create a better life for your children. A true parent wants to give their children a life they know they are deserving of. What true parent wants their child to grow up in the gutter?

I applaud the parents who are poor, but work very hard just to land a meal on the table for their family. I can respect the people that aren't where they want to be in life, but use every day as a stepping stone to strive for better. These people may need assistance by receiving government help, but in future they won't be in that predictament because they are working to get out of it.

Now, that type of person is very different from those who lay on their back, having no desire to look for work, and have their hands out to the government. My term for these types of people is a government leech. Their entire purpose is to receive all they can get from the government. They want to suck them dry. We pay all of our tax dollars for these people to have their hands out and continue to repopulate the Earth. Government leeches have no desire to get off of government help, why not life is good!

These leeches are contented with collecting welfare checks, food stamps, and paying inexpensive rent. They know they cannot afford their first child but they'll continue to go on to have plenty more.

As I've said before, when you become a parent it isn't about what you want anymore.

It is about your children.

If you're creating life on Earth and making selfish decisions, then I am terribly afraid for those young souls!

Sure, If I can afford to have many children, I'll have them!

Some people love a large family, that is not the problem here.

It's the fact that these people walk around feeling entitled, like someone owes them something.

The last time I checked, I don't owe you shit!

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  • Yeah that single mom working 2-3 jobs to struggle to feed her family. If only she worked harder, then she could be wealthy like Trump that had his wealth handed over from daddy.
    Lmao fucking Republicans gets me every time


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  • I can never understand why some people think I want kids. I'm unemployed and no one has hired me yet, yet some people want to demonize people who don't want kids. The way people think sometimes pisses me off.

    The funny thing is I always see the people who complain about having it hard with the latest iPhone and fresh nails every week wtf


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  • The lady in the first video is the epitome of this attitude. She's 30-something-years old, completely miserable with a terrible personality and, here's the kicker, lives at home with her mother. That says everything you need to know about a person.

    This is the problem with the welfare state. It takes away personal responsibility and encourages laziness and poor decision-making. I've seen dozens of able-bodied teenagers going on welfare and selling drugs on the side and make way more than people making minimum wage. Why is it that people need to do a job interview to get a job but people on welfare don't have to have an interview to get on welfare? Why is it that people on unemployment have to call in and fill out a short survey every so often to continue their benefits but people on welfare do not?

    The government has no incentive to curb this type of behaviour because they don't care. These people will always vote for liberals / democrats because those tend to be the parties handing out the welfare. The liberal / democrat parties know this so they keep people on welfare. That's why America does not control their borders anymore - because people coming in will vote for the welfare state and keep them in power at the expense of the common working man and woman.

    Also, it's not "stealing from the government", it's "stealing from your fellow citizen". The government actually has no money.

    • Yes, it's stealing from your citizen however the government sets up these types of programs to make it possible for people like her to do this.
      I really think certain people shouldn't be applicable to applying for the programs they have available. If someone has been out of a job for years, they should cut them off completely.

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    • I just looked her up too. R u sure she is mentally ill or this is some sort of comedic persona she adapted that I am not aware of?

    • *comic persona

  • Harsh truths are the most difficult to accept, that's for damn sure.

    If you haven't read either "The Fountainhead" or "Atlas Shrugged," I strongly encourage you to do so.

  • I can understand a little government assistance but full on government dependency without the will to even want to get up and do something about it is ridiculous. This woman has 15 children... what is it? like one almost every fuckin year? can't she close her legs, use protection... tie her tubes? people like her should be fucking sterilized.
    the part that irks me the most is when she said "someone has to pay for all this children" and my first thought was "umm... how about you?".
    CPS should just swoop in and just have a field day distributing these poor children to parents with better sense and livelihood. This one is a dumbass. Ugh.. making me want to vote for a law to pass where there has to be an application form in order to have kids. I've seen many Many horrible parents out there.

  • the problem isn't necessarily those people it's a government that has made it a far too easy to get access to various social welfare programs without making sure that there are strings attached to those benefits.

    there are certainly leeches out there and it is wrong but i point the finger at a government who doesn't make food stamps non-transferrable (so recipients are simply trading food stamps for money to buy cigarettes and drugs). a government who got bilked into one of the biggest insurance fraud scams by the russian mafia where they paid out more than 1/2 a BILLION dollars in fraudulent claims

    as long as the government doesn't close up the loopholes people are going to take advantage of it... sadly

  • Amen. I can't stand people that don't want to work, and just live off the government. What's worse is that they can't support their own lifestyle, and they still decide to bring kids into this world.

  • "
    These leeches are contented with collecting welfare checks, food stamps, and paying inexpensive rent. They know they cannot afford their first child but they'll continue to go on to have plenty more.'
    This is why I want it to be required that people on welfare who are ABLE to work to do mandatory public service.

    • I have however met people who are so mentally ill that they need to stay on government benefits for their entire life

    • Well yea , that's different.

  • Maybe they should consider eventually mandating sterilization as a requirement in order to qualify for welfare? Besides why not? It can potentially reduce welfare fraud. Get sterilzed or no welfare. They don't want to get out there and work, then there has to be more at stake in order for those kinds of people to even qualify for welfare. Otherwise they can always go back to pan handling instead of taking advantage of the system.

  • Omg I hate leeches so much. I agree with you. They have no value to society. And the really sad part is. It makes it harder for people who actually need the help and support due to a number of problems they have which they need it more than anyone.

  • My gosh, I am so much more attracted to you right now than I already was. Not only are you older, sexier, and more confident than my younger peers, but you are also a believer in the conservative ideal. You are a treasure among women.

  • Great my take. I just wish more people would understand this issue. Don't get me wrong , I have no problem with the ones who work or are looking and can not make ends meet but the ones who will not try to improve their lives are the ones I don't have time for

  • Look, the job market is fucking hard these days. They keep asking for like 5+ years of goddamn experience, when we're lucky enough to even get something.

    I mean, I'm sitting here making $12.5 an hour and that's why I'm spending my hard-earned cash on a master's degree, since it's so fucking bad.

    • Yeah , so true !
      Different circumstance though.
      The fact that u are aware of ur situation I know u wouldn't get women pregnant though right?
      That's what makes things so messed up is that those who know their circumstance will have tons of children without ever looking for work or caring.

  • the problem is we incentives this behavior. get rid of the safety net and the world will fix itself.

  • couldn't make it past the first sentence. "we've all seen these types of people".

    I haven't...

    • I've seen literally every type of person. If you haven't... you probably are living in a very sheltered area.

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    • Makes sense. So we should just group everyone in a single category and not acknowledge their differences. Great argument.

    • uh, that was my point... grouping everyone into one, two, or any finite number of categories is breaking them down into 'types' - i. e. not acknowledging their differences.

  • Don't you think you are being a little biased and harsh when it comes to blacks?

    • Let's ignore that the first video was of a white woman and that I also put a photo up of a white woman. Lets not make this a race issue. I equally showed any race can be like this in this take.

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    • It won't affect them. It just creates negativity in ones own life.

    • My life is the same. But as you live , you observe. There's no need to be hush hush about every issue because it's hard to speak about or offensive to others.

  • Yet when the government uses your tax money to fund unlawful wars, you remain silent. Hypocrite. People have every right not to work. Mind your own business.

    • You're clearly one of them, IDIOT.
      And just so you know, when my tax money is being taken out to support people like YOU, IT IS my business where my Money to going.
      STFU until you have something meaningful to say.

  • You don't actually understand how welfare works do you

    • I am not speaking about the programs that help people out for a little while, and help them seek employment. I've known people collecting welfare for life. I'm pretty sure this isn't new or surprising to you.

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    • @Distant the United States

    • I live in a neighborhood with people like I've described. So my perspective is reality whether it's hilarious to you or not. People like this exist. The two videos i show are perfect examples.
      Majoring in a subject doesn't make u a professional or an expert in the field

  • Wel, fuck having kids. Planet's to populated anyway.

  • Meh. What if the government legalizes weed and you grow it for injured people and make money that way.

  • Arrogance and ignorance

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  • Oh, God, you couldn't have said it better!
    If a person can get a job, there isn't a deficiency of open jobs on the market - then what's your excuse?
    Nope... no excuse...

  • I feel bad for the woman in the first video. She seems to be content with selling her work that she creates and clearly needs pyschological help. Hopefully she received helped.
    I'm assuming in the second video the woman was in the wrong, no one should have that many kids regardless of wealth. I saw American Conservative and bad frame rate and said nopeeee lol. I wish the system could help those who need it and forget those who don't. But I doubt that will happen :/

  • Another Take to make me laugh hahahaha

  • You sound like a really fun person.

    • So do the women who clearly support those who keep multiplying with no means to work.

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    • The fact of the matter is that it's not up to you to decide who can have children and how many children they should have. You bitching and moaning does nothing.

    • Did I say it was up to me? I have every right to freedom of speech. The funny thing is, you're clicking on a mytake which clearly states it's a rant , you're complaining about me "bitching", yet you're the one bitching about this take. Lmao! Become a comedian ! You don't even have to try to make a fool out of yourself , just speak and that does the job alone.

  • I feel pity for that woman. The longer you delay searching for work, the harder it will be to find a job when you want it.

  • Sadly this does happen for those who think this is a joke or we are not informed. I've met a lot of people on welfare, who collect money, food stamps, get hand outs etc from the government and I can say that only one person really needed to be on it. For the others I have met all they did all day was lay around getting drunk or high. a lot of them are lazy and we tax payers are paying the price! If you can't afford yourself you can't afford a child or seven..