10 More Interesting and Mind-Boggling Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Since people liked the past two, here are even ten more interesting facts you might not know.

1. Fluffy you MONSTER

There are only two Animals on the planet that will kill purely for their own enjoyment. They are Humans, and our fluffy companions, the Domestic Cat. Fluffy kitty is probably a stone cold killer.

2. Those must be some Beautiful Angels

It might surprise you to know that Men can get postmortem erections known as Death Erections or Angel Lust. This comes about generally in cases of hanging, bullets to the head or even poisonings.

Jesus is actually often depicted with one in Renaissance paintings of his crucifixion.

3. Never accuse a Whale of Compensating for something.

The penis of the Blue Whale is the largest in the world and runs anywhere from 8-10 feet.

4. The British Parliament would kindly request that you do that outside.

In England it is illegal to die in the house of parliament cause that makes sense.

5. I do not want to know why they found that out

Human Birth Control pills work on Gorillas, which begs two questions, Why did they find that out and who prescribed the medication for a gorilla.

6. Sir you NEED to slow down

The first speeding ticket was given out in 1895 by Hampshire police. The offender was going SIX MILES PER HOUR.

7. It's too early

The first alarm clock could only ring at 4 am. Which for most of us is WAY to early to get up.

8. I wouldn't really call that pro-life

Hitlers mother considered aborting him but she chose to have him. Which I think we can all agree was a VERY bad idea.

9. I know Mondays suck but this is a little too much.

People are more likely to suffer a heart attack on a Monday because Mondays suck.

10. He died as he lived.

The inventor of the Frisbee was cremated after he died and turned into Frisbees

Here is a link to the last interesting facts take which itself has a link to the first one


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  • If you want to know some more facts about animal sexual behavior you should watch Green Porno it is creepy and funny. The lady dresses up in animal costumes and acts out the behaviors. That's what I got my whale with the hard on pic for my REHYA question.


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What Girls Said 6

  • I can relate to #9 my last heart attack was on a Monday morning just before I was to be released from the hospital. That added another week to my sentence!

    I watched a special I believe it was on Animal Planet the 10 deadliest cats. I believe it started with the Cheetah at #10 and was counting down to #1. During the show a friend was wondering what would be #1 and I said the house cat and sure enough I was right. A Cheetah will only kill 3 species of animals for food while the house cat will kill over 1,500 species and kill for sport. I still love my kitties though even though they're killers! LOL

  • I wonder how the British try to stop people from dying in the house of parliament. XD

  • Really nice take. Some of these I knew, some I had no idea about! =)

  • My daughters are friends with some fluffy kittens.

  • Click bait title, but slightly interesting facts.

  • Very interesting. Awesome take. I love random facts haha


What Guys Said 7

  • On 5) I just wanna add that during the preclinical phase of the development of every drug, it gets tested on non human objects, animals.

  • 1- dolphins
    5- probably through clinical testing before they tested on humans
    8- some dude in ww1 also had the chance to kill him and didn't cause he felt bad or some shit. I gotta look it up again

    • The whole WW1 thing is shown to be very very very unlikely as he was a previous victoria cross winner and Hitler first said it during the lead up to ww2 and Hitler and the dude wouldn't have known what each other looked like

  • Did anyone else think of Clerks when reading #2? ;)

  • Very interesting Take, I didn't know about 4, 7 and 10.

  • I have to ask.
    Who shaved Harambe?
    "The penis of the Blue Whale is the largest in the world and runs anywhere from 8-10 feet"
    Mine's bigger ;P

  • LOL! Illegal to die. HILARIOUS.

  • #10 is soo interesting...