The answer is still, and again, love.

Here is my take... this world has it's fair share of love and encouragment throughout but there is also increasing amounts of destruction, hate and cruelity. When things happen that are alarming and are of negative impact, as humans, we naturally judge the situation at hand and the people involved. Many times we do not agree with what others are doing in the world, especially if it is a widely spread negative actions. Regardless, of what the action may be that you do not agree with to where you are judging another, the answer is love. Now before you rip me apart for saying that love is the answer of all, I am not saying you should condone acts of destruction, hate and cruelity, I am saying that it is important to pray for peace overall and for the hearts of the people who are acting out in such ways that you do not agree with. From the home of domestic violence to women who are using their bodies to make a living, from the people rioting in St. Louis to those killing off innocent people for no other reason than holding hate in their heart for them... We do not condone these actions but we love these people because at the end of the day we are all brother and sister under one God. Our values need to be upheld and by holding judgement to another we are poisioning our own bodies with hate.

May us unite, encourage and lift up one another through love.


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  • Love is wanting the very best for the other person and being willing to personally sacrifice so that the best can be attained. The ultimate act of love was Christ dying on the cross so that through faith in Him mankind might spend eternity with Him.
    The opposite of love is not hate but apathy.


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  • Very true indeed. There should be more love in the world and everyone should be sttiving to keep a whole and true heart.

  • There is a lack of love in this world.