10 Things To Do On Your Snow Day

If you live in the northeast, you're more than likely chilling at home today. Here's a few ideas to pass the time. Or not.

1. Get Angry and Shovel
"Ain't nobody got time for this."10 Things To Do On Your Snow Day

2. Relax in a nice bath instead
"Rub a dub dub..."

3. Catch some sun.

"All the light reflecting off all the white - it's like nature's UV reflector!"

4. Bundle up and play in the snow with your pet.
"This isn't what I had in mind."

5. Have a snowball fight.

"I got this."

6. Have a snow fight, without the balls.
"Oh, real mature, Larry..."

7. Go for a swim.
"I think I see some snow angel fish!"

8. Day drink.
"No power to cool the fridge? No problem."

9. Show of your creativity and sense of humor.
"Snowballs. Heheheheh."

10. Or just show off your creativity. No humor necessary.
"Show off."

What are you doing on your snow day? Anything as awesome as this?


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