Connected through space and time

It's weird.

Back in high school, I used to go to the river to be alone.

To think. To Escape. To just... Be.

Sometimes, at night, I'd lie on my back on this hill, watch the sun go down, the sky turn, and the stars come out.

Often, it was here, that I'd examine my world, my life.. and I'd cry.

Alone. Apart.

There is a band, Mother Mother.

I started hearing them over the last 3 years, but really got into them last year.

They have a song, from 2012 that has a line...

"millions and billions and trillions of stars, but I'm down here low, fussing over scars, on my soul"

I sorta feel like.. somewhere, he and I were examining our scars, under the same stars.


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  • Yeah so I like the way you write in really direct and aggressive sentences. I feel like you've strapped me to a chair and are just telling me how the world works with complete authority.

    Just my dos pesos.


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  • Strangely this band kind of reminds me of Xx, but Trespassers William's Different Stars captures EXACTLY what you're feeling a little better. It's one of my favourite songs by them and yes that feeling you have of wondering if he's watching the same stars it could possibly be true, if he and you felt the same way. Look up Trespassers Williams they got some good songs, Flicker is one that got me through a really sad and low point in my life. Sadly, cannot say that she's out watching the same stars as I am, I can only find the solace in that maybe she has become a star that I graze upon when the night comes.

  • Compulsive :-)

  • i used to do same things... out alone, away from any kinda technology... thinking how big this world and universe is and we are just so tiny... we prayer to god daily but is their really is any... or if there is would he care that this huge amount of matter he created thr is someone praying, i feel like evrything is fake and stupid.. wanna find my soul..

  • I'm jealous.

  • I sometimes go for a walk. I look up at the clouds, and I dream of flying. I choose to fight through the pain! One day, i will reach for the heavens and touch the stars! Never look back. It's better to keep moving than to stop. Sometimes, you don't even have a choice to go back.


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  • I still spend hrs alone pondering life.