Why do I keep dreaming about other guys?

So I am in a relationship with a guy I've been with for a very long time. Then a month or so ago I started having feelings for a coworker. Then I had a "fantasy" dream about him and kept picturing him while with my boyfriend. Recently the feelings have started to go away but the dreams are still there and worse. Now I'm having dreams about other guys I know. Guys that sometimes I'm not even attracted to.

Usually I dont give much meaning to dreams but it's happened every night for two weeks and now when I close my eyes to kiss my boyfriend I picture other guys. What can I do? What does this mean?


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  • That is so bad!! You said that you are starting to have feeling for a coworker! Did you and that guy bang?

    • No, I just started to feel attracted to him.

What Girls Said 1

  • You're probably not feeling satisfied with your S. O. Find the root of the problem.