What happens if you send money to a bank account which doesn't exist anymore?

I'm due a tax return, and I think they might have my old bank account number which doesn't exist anymore, and they're meant to be sending money to it.

What will happen?


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  • I had this happens a couple years ago and here is what I believe will happen. After submitting your return to the IRS you can not change the direct deposit account number. Hence if it is closed the IRS will attempt to transfer your money and after they get notification it is closed they will issue/mail a check to your address for your return. I can't remember how long the entire process took.

    • Did you get all your money in the end?

    • Yes you will get your money in the end.

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  • The receiving bank sends it back to the bank who sent it.

  • Your money either gets lost in the process or it is returned to where it came from.