Are some people just meant to fail at everything they do?

There are some people that succeed in everything they try to do, then there are people like me, who fail at almost everything they try. Me, I've succeeded in only one thing, art, and that's because I just randomly have a better eye and just randomly know how to draw well. Everything else, school, friends, girls, looks, popularity, happiness, acting, I'm a complete failure in. I was born to fail in life, I am a failure. It's not fair, honestly, why do I have to be miserable, why do I have to be a failure? Wanna know what I wish I could succeeded in? Going out onto the world and just making every other worthless person as miserable as me.

Sorry I'm re-writing this, but the title was screwed up because of my shitty fucking iPad, I WISH I COULD DESTROY THIS FUCKING THING


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  • Next time you come across anyone who is sucessful.. Ask them how did they get where they are now and They will say failure

    You're naturally good at art but everything else you have to work hard at to get better at it

    The learning process to anything can and will be a pain in the ass but when you achive what you want to achive, you'll feel amazing

    Everyone has to start somewhere and for most people its at the very beginning where failure is a must

    Thats how we are shaped and defined.. By failure

    Don't view failure as a bad thing.. View it as a good thing :)


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  • That's the wrong attitude, kid! My owner is always losing baseball games, crashing his kites (or getting them stuck in kite-eating trees), being rejected by girls and never receiving any Valentines, etc. But you know what? He keeps on hoping and keeps on trying! He never gives up! That's why people love him, even if he's too insecure to see it sometimes.

    Plus, he always feeds me. That's why I love him. :D

  • You're just SEVENTEEN dude! You still have almost your whole life ahead of you!

    I firmly believe that no one can fail at 'everything'. Such people do have some hidden talents, which they need to discover.

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  • Don't destroy the iPad there's kids in Africa that can eat it!!

  • Try harder, plus you gots plenty of time to get in shape.

  • I believe you based on your spellings.

  • Here we go again