How to make bioplastic stronger?


Girls or guys who have a creative mind? I need your help

I'm making bioplastic out of milk and vinegar and another one from glycerol, water, starch and vinegar. But it's not always strong especially the milk with vinegar mixture when it turns plastic...

I need to add something organic to it, to make it stronger... Do you know what it can be? Please let me know


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  • Ehh... the milk and vinegar plastic you're making is basically just a series of casein monomer chains. There really isn't much you can do on the home front to make it stronger , but you can try adding a mixture of molasse and butter , they are inert in the reaction but would help to increase the density of the bioplastic.

    HOWEVER , if you can get your hands on some formaldehyde , it could act as a plastic hardening agent to make your casein polymer harder. The detailed proportions you're gonna have to trial and error it.

    • 24d

      You're basically "embalming" your casein polymer with formaldehyde similar to how corpses are fixed by it.

      It's gonna smell , and it's gonna be carcinogenic , and you better use gloves and do it in a well ventilated area.

  • Horse hair should work if it has to be organic. Fiberglass otherwise.


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