Do any white girls have Asian boyfriend?

I am asian. I'm 6' , go to gym and play basketball.

Just curious, are white girl inherently not attracted to asian guys?

Or are there other reasons.

I find some white girls at college do even want to make eye contact with me. Why?

SInce the beginning of this year, I've been trying improve myself, have better clothing,

better internal believes(through meditation and affirmation) and express my raw manliness freely.

Ive slept with around 20 white girls so far this year,
Ive approached and talked to a lot girls(>400 girls) in all sorts of locations( clubs, bars, streets, bus station, malls libraries. These girls includes students, lawyers, surgeons, backpackers, old ladies and even girls with boyfriends and husbands.
So even though I still have some residual doubts about white girls and asian guys, I realize they were mostly from my head and the media. Because I now have reference experiences that white girls do find me attractive, I can make their days just b
by just talking to them.I no longer hide my sexuality when I find the girls that I'm attracted to, since I am who I am, I realize that most girls do appreciate the honesty.Also, I've came to the conclusion that getting girls into bed is
no longer my ultimate goal, I wanna

become a better man who is attractive on both inside and outside.

Ive become the 'first asian guy' for many white girls.


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  • I tend to only be attracted to white guys, I guess because I'm mainly around white guys. I'm not particularly attracted to anyone who's not white (although I in no way rule it out.I may end up with an asian/latino/black guy someday!) Most people simply choose to date within their race, although not all people choose to do this. There's nothing wrong with interracial dating at all. I just feel like some people are more used to people of their own race. I don't think it's something against Asians in particular.


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  • There's probably other reasons. I know a bunch of asian guys with white girlfriends. and white guys with asian girlfriends. lol.

  • Well, for one, you sound like a douche bag, so they are probably unattractive to your personality, NOT your ethnicity. I am a "white girl", and I find Asian men to be incredible attractive.

  • Funny, my husband is a 6'2 Asian. Where did you guys come from? Freaks of nature I guess.

    So yes I am attracted to Asians and I'm white and a girl.

    White girls don't make eye contact with you because they are stuck up b*tches. Maybe the white girls you are trying to make eye contact with are the wrong type of white girls.

  • Well, I'm pretty sure they are just being stuck up. ~

    I'm a white female, and personally I generally prefer Asian men.

    In general though as long as you have a nice personality and I get along with a guy race doesn't matter to me!

  • I've been dating one for four years! and I'm white!

  • Personally, I like Asian guys just as I like any guy if he's nice. :)

    I do know several Asian guy/white girl-couples, though, if that helps. :)

  • I mainly have dated Asian men in the past and I'm currently seeing a Chinese man right now. Personally for me what draws me in about an Asian man if we are speaking physically wise is there facial features.. being a girl mixed girl of white , black , aboriginal descent I'm drawn to exotic features more then anything.

  • I am not anglo (white so to speak) I am native american and Italian and I am dating the most wonderful malaysian guy. I love him very much but before him I had dated other asian men in fact I prefer asian men. I find myself very attracted to them but to be honest most asian guys seem to go for asian woman as far as my experieance has gone. Every guy I dated before ended up back with an asian girls :( but that could just be the way it goes. So I don't know what to tell you accept make it known you are interestead. Good Luck

  • i am white I think asian guys are hot. my fiance is korean he was my first asian... and now I don't find any guy attractive unless he is asian

  • I'm on the East coast :P

    Quite sad actually.

    Sorry if I didn't reply so quickly, I can only use my phone's internet atm xD it'd be easier to email me

    If you don't mind :]

  • I'm a white female and I personally think asian guys are simply amazing :3 I've only met a few (lame, I know) but the ones I've met seem friendly and are quite hilarious xD

    But I have bad luck when it comes to dating one :/ they're so adorable, but they aren't attracted to me (that I know of)

    x.x </3

    • There are plenty of Asian guys in California and NE coast of the US. Where in the US are you if you don't mind me asking?

    • im a filipino ^^ and looking for a nice Girlfriend ^^

  • Im a white Female (im 5'2) and I'm dating an asian man :)


    i fell hard for him,and I love him very much.

    I am now expecting,so All you Asians that think they can't ahold of us,you can.


  • Im a white girl and I like asian boys.. the only problem is that where I live there arn't much asian people..=(

  • I am dating an asian and he is amazing..

    It all depends on the type of girl..

    I am really attracted to my boyfriend...

  • I'm a white girl and I'm currently in a long distance relationship with a Filipino American. Personally I find myself more attracted to Asian guys than white guys (I was raised in a very culturally aware household). I don't think I'm the only girl who feels this way, so don't worry!

  • I think I'm in love with asians because of my ex and I am white. Some people think that asian guys are shy and theyre not confident when asking out a girl.

    Some girls might be bitchy or snobs.


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  • This is what I know of your situation. Do all white girls like asian dudes? No. Do a lot of white girls like asian dudes? Yes. Is it a challenge to find one of these girls? Yes. My good friend Kao is an asian dude who loves white girls. He sometimes complains that's its hard to find a girlfriend, but I tell me to keep a positive attitude because when we hang out I see girls check him out. I am friends with a couple who are asian guy/white girl and have been together for as long as I've known them. You have to keep looking, and be prepared to be told no. If you keep looking, you'll find that special gal.

  • It is normal to see Western man dating Asian woman, but Western men hate Asian man dating white girls.

    Many white men are angry when white girls are dating Arabic, Indian & Asian men. Western men love Asian women and hate Asian men, particularly the good looking ones. Thus Asian men are used to be portrayed as stereotype by 'western male dominated' media, Google search engine and hollywood movies.

    White girls are beautiful, as an Asian guy I don't see any problems dating with white girls, they're no difference to the girls in Asia except for language. But when you have a white girlfriend like other Asian guys do, you'll be ready to face many insults from the white men around you.

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      Mr Koo, you are so knowledgeable on this aspect!! haha I am Chinese as well, from HK, the same home town as yours :) Would you like to add me on Facebook? :D my registered email on Facebook is choi_9807100@hotmail. com, my name is William Choi :D
      Wish to have a bit more chat with you soon haha

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