Why do girls try steal guys from other girls?

Me and my girlfriend go out a lot and seems like every time I'm with her I get way more female attention and I'm wondering why


Most Helpful Girl

  • Some girls do it because they want to know that they can. It's an ego boost for some. They see a guy is taken and see it as a challenge. To them, it proves they are better than the girl he currently has.

    When I was in high school there was this girl who was so insecure and jealous. She started dating my ex, and then it couldn't stop there, she had to start hanging out with my friends too. I knew something was up, because she never hung out with my friends until she started dating my ex. Then she was always at our table at lunch and around our lockers at break. And she was never there before.

    She would also always sit across from me. as if she wanted me to see that she was there. It was really odd. But she was really insecure. She kept posting on Facebook about how ugly she was. So I think she was jealous (my ex still liked me, but I didn't want him). But I didn't pay her any mind. She got really testy with the guy and he eventually broke up with her.

    That threw her over the edge, she got really bitchy to everyone. But she stopped hanging around with my friends!