Why do girls try steal guys from other girls?

Me and my girlfriend go out a lot and seems like every time I'm with her I get way more female attention and I'm wondering why


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    Some girls do it because they want to know that they can. It's an ego boost for some. They see a guy is taken and see it as a challenge. To them, it proves they are better than the girl he currently has.

    When I was in high school there was this girl who was so insecure and jealous. She started dating my ex, and then it couldn't stop there, she had to start hanging out with my friends too. I knew something was up, because she never hung out with my friends until she started dating my ex. Then she was always at our table at lunch and around our lockers at break. And she was never there before.

    She would also always sit across from me. as if she wanted me to see that she was there. It was really odd. But she was really insecure. She kept posting on Facebook about how ugly she was. So I think she was jealous (my ex still liked me, but I didn't want him). But I didn't pay her any mind. She got really testy with the guy and he eventually broke up with her.

    That threw her over the edge, she got really bitchy to everyone. But she stopped hanging around with my friends!

  • The ratio of men on the earth to women is MUCH higher; there are more of you than us so if you're taken it means you're datable and can make a girl happy so other girls will want that.

  • simply put- its an ego boost.

  • girls want guys that actually want a relationship not just sex and when your with your girlfriend it shows that and that your trustworthy and worth it

    • U missed the question completely

    • well that's a different thing of the guy actually takes advantage of the situation and does cheat

    • but if they cheat on their girlfriend for you doesn't that prove they are not trustworthy?

  • some girls take the saying "all the good guys are taken" to heart... maybe these women think you are a successful good guy. it might be you location. are you going out to a place where singles usually go? there are so many possibilities.

  • no one STEALS anyone. each person has a conscience. will power. agency. they are accountable for their actions.

    if you are committed to one person you don't just f*** off because some seduced you. YOU chose to.

    the relationship wasn't that tight. its not because someone stile someone.

    why are you do anxious to put blame on women for what guys do?

    the person aIN the relationship has the responsibility to respect that relationship. not the person outside of it.

  • I just went through this! Thankfully, we broke up.

  • I don't know...there is a whole different breed of women I don't understand.

    I think they like drama and want to start it anyway they can...

    I guess? I do not know. I'm sorry...that really sucks

  • I assume the same reason that the guys who try to steal other guys girlfriend's do it. Low self esteem needing to prove they are capable of doing to validate their prowess or something. I don't know. I have no respect for people like that.

  • These sorts of people have no morals.

  • People tend to want what other people have.

  • Men try to take girls away from guys too.

    Not all women do this.

    You can't steal someone away from their partner unless they choose to go.

    I do not understand why people accuse other people of taking their SO. No their SO chose to cheat or breakup or get a new partner.

    Those girls are talking to you because they are friendly. I think some men get the wrong idea and think every nice girl wants to have sex with them. Use your head on top of your neck and not your other head. Just because a girl gives a man attention does not mean she wants to have sex with you. You are full of it. I think that those girls lowered their standards in men and that is why they are giving you attention

    • its rediculous you're the only person not talking out of their ass.

  • We are jealous of the other girl or the other girl got the guy we wanted to date

  • Its competition. Guys do it as well. There are predators of both genders that would do that. Plus psychologically people want what they can't have. So they go after those that are taken. Females might do this because she might assume a guy probably has good qualities if he is already taken same as a guy might assume that.

  • Not only girls do this.Guys do the same sometimes.I got hit on more when I had a boyfriend few years back and they knew I was in a relationship.So what does that suppose to mean? I think its an ego thing.People feel superior when they can take something that belongs to others.This is also one way of them to boost their confidence.

  • Because they are bitches

  • To prove they are better without them

  • Usually girls think that the taken guys are better than the single guys

  • BITCHES in heat.

  • We girls just want what we can't have. And some girls are insecure and want to feel better by trying to outscore other girls.

  • It's a competition. They want what they can't have and too insecure to find their own man

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  • because all girls secretly hate each other and want to be better than each other

  • It seems a trend to me. When I'm not involved with any girl at a given moment, I'm not really popular with the girls. But, if I start dating someone, its like every girl in town is lined up at my door. I think its just a popularity thing. If a bunch of girls see you with other girls, your automatically more of a challenge and more popular. And if your with just your bros, they see you as a loser (even though I'm not). But its unfair how women judge like that. And chances are the guy all popular with the ladies, a girl is going to get her feelings hurt going after him. I don't know, its immature. At least the older and farther away from high school I get, the less it happens.

  • cause chicks love competition and drama. they will do all negativity just to get attention and fit in

  • Some women are drawn to men that are wanted by others. They'll sometimes act on it.

  • Pre-selection. Women want men that other women want.

  • This may be way off, but it makes sense to me when thinking about the reasoning behind it.

    They want what they can't have. Some guys like to chase girls who aren't as receptive because when they actually succeed, they get a sense of accomplishment. You know the whole conquest thing, getting the girl that you didn't think you could have. It's not as normal for a girl to chase a guy since guys are generally up for some tang any chance they get. However, guys in relationships are harder, so they get the sense of accomplishment from getting a guy who was already taken.