Girls do your legs touch when you stand up?

And if they don't touch, what does that mean?



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  • my legs don't but right under my pu$$y just where my inner thigh starts they do, but there is a space between my pu$$y and where my inner thigh touches a little ...and recently I found guys call it a gap and they seem to love it a lot

    • if your inner thighs touch, you don't have a gap. The gap is when a girls legs don't touch at all when she's standing normally link Most girls thighs don't touch directly under they p****, unless they're really overweight

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    • It's for guys to stick their penis through lol

    • ok nobody told me that before 0.o lol your lying lol...oh yea and to correct I meant I don't have really bony legs lol

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  • My legs, personally, do not touch.

    But I've battle with my weight to get a beautiful thigh gap.

    To some people it may seem wrong to way 85-90 pounds and not want your legs to touch, but to me it's an achievement.

    Although there is nothing wrong with your legs or thigh touching.

    To each it's own. I just prefer the bone.

  • Nothing. Really, means absolutely nothing in general. Has a lot to do with what posture you have (or weight, but for most people it's just posture). I stand really weird with one leg forward supporting the leg behind when I stand "in rest", means my whole thigh area touch, but I stand so because I'm used to it, it's comfy.

  • No,they don't touch when I stand.And it means nothing other than the fact that I am slim.

  • Yes because I eat lol! Sorry, sorry, that's rude. No, truthfully it means I have curves. Skinny girls might not have their legs touch but any girls who have thighs to them (even thin ones) will most likely have their legs's just one of those things.

  • i use to have a gap but I have put on a little bit of weight and gotten a little out of shape :(

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  • When your legs do not touch, it mean that there is space between them. If there had not been any space between your legs, then they would be touching.

    Pretty simple really.

  • My thighs don't touch lol.

  • thick thighs are hot on women and are healthy according to studies "thigh fat might also secrete more beneficial hormones like leptin and adiponectin" for women. link