Does this guy like me? Please help! (Super long, sorry)

A list of stuff he does (kind of random order, sorry). Super super long, but I would really appreciate your thoughts!

Always comes up and immediately starts talking to me, showing off, joking, etc. He always stands and sits REALLY close to me. If he touches me he doesn't move away/his hands linger on mine/etc. He makes stupid excuses to touch me. In a group he stands next to or across from me and actually follows me around talking to me. Once he was sitting next to me and basically curled/burrowed into my side and put his head on my shoulder a couple of times. He also put a pillow on my knee and put his head on it while working on his computer. He basically never talks about other girls. He also defends me when others put me down and remembers all sorts of random things about my life. He nicknamed me too.

He always maintains eye contact, often lingering eye contact, and his gaze is often intense. He rarely takes his attention from me when I am talking, or even when others are talking to me. In general, it's just the *way* he looks at me. Body language - he is always angled toward me or squashed next to me or something. One foot at least is usually pointing toward me. He almost always walks next to me, so close that our arms are touching. (I have actually changed my route to see what he does and he ends up next to me again!)

He texts me a lot. He asked me for my number "so I can text you...and also if [his family] need[s] to call you or get ahold of you." (Nice save.) His little sister said I was "the only person he has on his phone" - she said he had others, but...and I said "...but I'm the only one he ever talks to?" and she said yeah. I joked about it once and he said "well if I had [our girl friends'] numbers I would text them" but he has never bothered to get their numbers. He also jokes a lot on my Facebook (and he barely does anything on Facebook, btw). He doesn't generally make sexual comments, thank God, but when he does they seem to be directed at me, ish. He does make fart jokes but he's a teenager so I don't think I'm "one of the guys," God forbid.

Recently, I was hanging out with him and his brother and we were bored so I suggested we play truth or dare - he kind of shook his head and said "I can't play truth or dare around you" kind of quietly. I asked him what he meant and he kind of didn't look at me and was like "I...can't play with only 3 people." and kind of avoided the question. Another weird thing: one time I walked in and maybe a minute later he started crossing his legs and twisting one over the other really uncomfortably-looking. Then he kept glancing at me with this really intense (eyes huge) kind of look. (Am I wrong or was he trying to, uh, hide something? I know guys occasionally have, um, issues in public...) Another time we were with friends and the subject of him having a crush came up - he got all awkward and said "I...can't say." and didn't look at on purpose.

Sorry this is SO long! Thanks!
Does this guy like me? Please help! (Super long, sorry)
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