Guys, how often do you text your female friends? If often, does it mean something?

Would you text them daily? Multiple times a week? Why would you be texting them?

Basically, I have a friend who texts me every single day. Every. Day. Often we will have conversations stretched over a couple of hours. Other times it will be conversations about school or recommending things or just telling me what he's up to, nothing too long but still being in contact at least once sometime in the day.

So, would a guy text a casual female friend this often just to keep in touch or is there something else going on?


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  • I haven't had a female friend in 14 years and in the beginning of that, mobile phones were only for the super rich, so there was no such thing as texting.

    I did the only thing what I could do during that time, meet with her in person at a public place like the park or go to her house. The only time I did these things, is if I liked the girl. I really never had any casual female friends.

    Guys that do have the so called casual female friends are either gay, nice guys or p****'s plain and simple, mostly end up in the friend zone or just confuse the girl if he's interested in her or not, most of them later lose the girl to another guy that isn't a complete spaz.

    • Pretty much this. I'm still wondering when girls are going to figure this out, that guys do not want to be friends with girls unless we are attempting to sleep with her or date her.

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    • So correct me if I'm wrong, but with your and Kholland65's points regardless of how much he is texting me just the fact that he is interacting with me on some level demonstrates he wants something more...?

    • as I said earlier, these guys confuse the girls they are interested in. Yes, he's interested, how much more evidence do you need? He might and I repeat, he might be also sending texts to more girls he's interested in too widen his chances ending up with one of them, this is a good possibility, if he himself is still single.

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  • I don't text any girl daily whom I'm not interested in. Unless she was just a part of my direct group of friends and the texts were about arranging plans to hang out, typically as a group.

    Personally I keep my texting to girls at a minimum if I'm not interested so that I don't send them the wrong message that makes them think I'm into them.

    Then again, not all guys are the same. I would say most guys are similar to me, but there are some who just love to text and will just text random girls and flirt just for sport. Either because they like to talk, they like the ego boost, or they're just that friendly.

  • I just know my girlfriend does not like txting. But I would call her a few time a day. Like 2 to 3 times unless I am with friends or busy with work. But once I finished hanging out or no longer busy, I will call her or text her if it is too late.

  • I have one or 2 female friends that I text a lot each day. One has been a good friend of mine on and off for the past 6-7 years, we talk every day and hangout a few times a week. The other is a friend I met on here and we talk every day about just random things and her guy problems my girl problems etc.

    It doesn't mean anything more than just keeping in touch, especially because my good friend has had a boyfriend for the past two years, I would never do anything to wreck that lol.

  • I text female friends when I have a specific reason to do so. Like I'm trying to organize a group for an outing, or something like that. I don't text them for no reason.

    If I'm texting a woman daily, it's because I want her.

    Sounds to me like dude probably wants you, but is too scared to actually make a move. How's his love life? Does he ever talk to you about it? Seek advice/feedback?

    • He's told me about his love life being sh*tty and has told me a couple stories, but has never asked for advice or feedback

    • Has he ever talked to you about people that he's ~currently~ dating? Or just past experiences?

    • Just past experiences. Came to me when a girl cut things off with him recently and I didn't even know he was sort of seeing someone

  • My guess would be he sees you as a potential partner. Also: does he live in a country where the joys of internet have not yet been discovered? Seeing as you've got a GAG account I would assume no, but.. I only text elusive people, or whenever I need to ask/tell someone someth right now!

  • It could be either quite honestly...

    There isn't much way to tell. I have had just friends that I've texted everyday with it being just that. I don't usually initiate but I don't stop though. Some people like being in contact. Maybe he just likes talking to you. Sometimes people get very bored as well.

    Having said that he could also be completely in love with you and be much too afraid to say anything and he hopes that you will take a hint with this texting business.

    Hope it helps.

    • He initiates about 99% of the conversations lol. He is also generally always the one to end them too, however.

    • I never really have gauged whether a girl friend of mine is interested by the frequency of texts.. Doesn't sound that abnormal. Perhaps you see something you wish to rather than what is? I would say talk to him about it.

  • if it is often and regular it probably means he likes you . I think most of the time it will fluctuate up and down. If there is something I think you will find funny and you have a responce that I can respond to then there is somethig that can keep going back and forth. then I might no text for a while if I don't have enythign to say and your a friend. If I like you I will probably text you even if I have to say something stupid to start a conversation.

  • I'd love to text her everyday but it gets weird after awhile so I try to keep some space in between conversations

  • I HAVE to text her every day because she's 3000 miles away and I will NEVER see her in person, unless she wants to take a vaca./visit. So if I don't keep trying to text/call her, she may easily move on..and so will I

  • Most of my female friends would be less than once a week.

    The female friend I'm trying to hook up with... usually at least once every two days.


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  • Ive been here before when I was 17. A guy I was working with actually we didn't go to school together but we were the same age working the same shift. He would text me in the middle of the school day and we would text until we met up at work and then we would text during the shift if the managers pulled us apart (it was like we could not be apart) and then we would walk out to our cars and text all the way home until we fell asleep. Boy do I miss those days! But I messed it up when he asked me if I saw him more than a friend and at that time I said "i don't know" and I lost him to it and now I can't get him back. But not a lot of guys text often let me tell you if they are texting you a lot you have got to mean something.. try asking him if he ever thinks of being more than friends, take a risk don't end up asking yourself "what if" for the rest of your life