Guys, how often do you text your female friends? If often, does it mean something?

Would you text them daily? Multiple times a week? Why would you be texting them?

Basically, I have a friend who texts me every single day. Every. Day. Often we will have conversations stretched over a couple of hours. Other times it will be conversations about school or recommending things or just telling me what he's up to, nothing too long but still being in contact at least once sometime in the day.

So, would a guy text a casual female friend this often just to keep in touch or is there something else going on?


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  • I haven't had a female friend in 14 years and in the beginning of that, mobile phones were only for the super rich, so there was no such thing as texting.

    I did the only thing what I could do during that time, meet with her in person at a public place like the park or go to her house. The only time I did these things, is if I liked the girl. I really never had any casual female friends.

    Guys that do have the so called casual female friends are either gay, nice guys or p****'s plain and simple, mostly end up in the friend zone or just confuse the girl if he's interested in her or not, most of them later lose the girl to another guy that isn't a complete spaz.

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      Pretty much this. I'm still wondering when girls are going to figure this out, that guys do not want to be friends with girls unless we are attempting to sleep with her or date her.

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      So correct me if I'm wrong, but with your and Kholland65's points regardless of how much he is texting me just the fact that he is interacting with me on some level demonstrates he wants something more...?

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      as I said earlier, these guys confuse the girls they are interested in. Yes, he's interested, how much more evidence do you need? He might and I repeat, he might be also sending texts to more girls he's interested in too widen his chances ending up with one of them, this is a good possibility, if he himself is still single.