What does it mean if a guy texts you everyday?

This guy texts me constantly every single day, saying morning, texts me all day asking me stuff about myself and my family, he teases me etc. I'm friends with this guy, we both went to the same school and we recently left for exams. Whenever I text this guy back, he replies within seconds, its like he sits and waits for an answer, its a bit weird. I don't like this guy, as a friend I do but I don't want a relationship right now, I don't know if he likes me or not, so I don't know what to do?


Most Helpful Girl

  • he definitely wants more than just be friends!

    he likes you a lot, wants to know everything about you and what your doing, texting good morning and good night sounds like he wants to be in a relationship with you!

    if you don`t want that, then you clearly have to tell him that you like him as a friend but you don`t want a relationship or not right now anyway. if you`re too shy to tell him that so honest, just stop replying or if you think that's to rude then don`t text anything back if its not a question and don`t start texting without him texting you first. then he`ll get the hint (hopefully)