Why girls find Taylor Lautner hot?

he is quite overhyped...for his looks and physique...there are many guys of his age who have a better physique than him including me ...he looks quite ugly...

this is what is hot... link

not this sh*t link


this is hot too
some people think that the guys other than taylor lautner are photoshopped...just a reality check for them

the 1st link is hrithik roshan: link (just watch out his physique and stop making excuses)

the other beefed up guy is salman khan no.1 actor of bollywood (47 years old): link

do watch and let me know...i think so these video proofs must be enough to prove them

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    Taylor is SUPER HOT to me, and while I DO find his abs AND his face physically attractive, I think the main reason why I (and a lot of other girls) like Taylor so much is because he's got this ENERGY about him that is really magnetic! If you've ever seen him in interviews or met him in person, then you know what I'm talking about! ^_^

    Also, he's a genuinely NICE guy, and I really appreciate the fact that he's so respectable to everyone, especially his fans. I think that's what most girls like about him honestly. For me it's not really about his body (although it is nice! ^_^), or his looks (he has the most gorgeous smile, beautiful skin, etc), but more so the type of PERSON he is.

    He really is a sweetheart, and that's why I like him the most. Good-looking guys in Hollywood are a dime a dozen honestly, and I bet if you were to poll some REAL Taylor fans, they would tell you that the main reason why they like him is because of his "essence".

    He's very confident and sure of himself, but at the same time he's got this humble endearing quality about him. :) #lovehim!

    He's just sexy...I can't explain it.

    Either you like him, or...you don't lol! :D

    • i can understand all this young blood typo...but at least you all shld respect that sly and arnie are still active at the age of 67 with one of the best bodies till date...they are more successful and more powerful

    • First of all, it wasn't a competition...So you can chill out with all of this "we won" talk. You asked a question,I gave my answer plain and simple. Besides, Arnold and Sylvester bodies are not attractive to ME. I don't like guys who are TOO buff. Plus, I would take Taylor's personality over theirs any day of the week! Like I said, either you like him or you don't! I really don't care if you or the rest of the people on here don't like him. I do, so there! I'm entitled to my own opinion.

    • arnold and sylvester still has the best body...if you know...and the links that I have shown are of people who are more hot than that guy...also the majority of people here don't like him...so we won not you :-P

  • I thought he was hot because he had a good body, then I turned 13.

    • real girls dnt fall for taylor laurtner...it came to you naturally...Glad

  • I use to I don't know all he got is abs, his face isn't the same

  • All I can say is this post is very biased, your own liking answers of what only YOU want to hear that fits with YOUR opinion while not accepting others, why did you even ask this to us when you are clearly just wanting to force people into changing their opinion about it?, let people have their own mind for once...

    • You still don't get though that people have different views but your all snubbing off the ones that don't agree but totally loving the people that do agree with you, just wrong...

    • there are some who dnt agree..but there are some who agree too...if you will tell me that poop is a food ...how can I agreee

  • I don't like him . . .

  • None of them are attractive. I find them all to be too muscular.

  • Everyone has their own preferance for attractiveness. You must not feel very confidant in yourself to be hating like this, and lack of confidence is what's truly unattractive.

    I think in many ways I'm prettier than Miley Cyrus but I don't feel the need to put her down. She has her ownership good qualities and so do I.

    • If you tell me poop is a type of food ...how can I agree?

    • I agree with you, we all have own own opinion but what's the point in even answering this anyway? I don't see one to be honest, just wanting everyone to agree and everything else that don't fit that she wants the change, tired of most people doing that, you right probably just jealous.

  • I don't find him attractive. he's OK. I like usually guys with blue eyes, tall. I don't think I've ever dated someone who looks like Taylor. he's dark haired and I'm not sure, I guess everyone's got their preferences.

  • Taylor Lautner and Channing Tatum have beautiful bodies but eh faces in my opinion. I feel like I'm surrounded by men who have way better/just as nice faces.

    Also, that first link of "this is what is hot" sort of freaks me out. And the other one looks inflated.

    You know who's hot? James Franco.

    • Yeah James Franco, nice smile too

    • YEAH. James Franco is hot.

  • The second pic was the best one. The third one..no.

    Taylor Lautner has a nice body. That's about it. His face annoys me.

  • This those two pic, You must be trolling. There is no difference in this link and the boy you're getting upset about.

    AND TAYLOR'S YOUNGER. That's why GIRLS like him.

  • um both those pics are ugly the third is ok...this guy is hot>>> link

    • SERIOUSLY. I loved him in inception. Not so much in titanic though

    • Omg yes

  • I don't think any of them are attractive...

  • He has a really handsome face and nice body.

    Everyone has their preference.

  • I don't find them attractive. Some girls like him because that's their preference, that's it.

  • I don't find him hot. His counterpart Robert Pattinson is hot.

  • because bitches love boys that look like llamas

  • First of all, you sound like a jealous child. Some girls find him attractive, some find him cute and some don't like him at all. He has a nice physique and he plays a role in a movie that is pretty much the ultimate fantasy for any girl. Don't be jealous, I'm sure you look fine and even if I don't think so, I know there are girls out there that do. Instead of focusing on what he has, look at what you have and be proud of it. Its not fun listening to someone harp on someone else.

  • I don't think he's hot, he's a cutie. He has a adorable factor to him. link link <-----------how cute is that!

  • He's hideous. He's the guys version of a butterface

    • Ugh yes. Just overall ugliness

    • true, I think it's his nose

  • The first one is better,and I. Don't know what it is about taylor launter that girls go all crazy all over him..

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  • Jim Carrey lookin' swole in that first link brah

    And if you're going to post picture of aesthetic guys, at least post a pic of Zyzz link

    But I digress, to answer your question, most of the girls attracted to him are probably just tweens/Twilight fans who are 'in love' with the character he plays in the movies.

  • I think girls like guys with an attractive face and chizled not gorrilla like body, not to be cocky but I think I fit that catergory

  • I'll be the first to admit that I think Taylor Lautner is an pretty attractive guy (no homo) for girls who are into guys with that kind of physique. As for the guys in the other links, I don't know many girls who would find them attractive at all - they look like big bulky meat-heads.

  • I'm comfortable enough as a straight man to say, the dude's got a decent body. He's not too meathead, but he's also got some good definition.

    However, he's got a face smacked by a frying pan.

  • i overheard girls talking about his nipples :/

    • LOL

  • link

    There was this girl I was into, she decided to date this guy who was a total verbally abusive assclown, and I feel it probably had a lot to do with the fact he was basically a Taylor Lautner clone. I'd met the guy, wasn't all that bright, or funny, or really anything stand out aside from the fact he was in damn near perfect shape and looked exactly like the guy.

    I find that picture in the link particularly enjoyable now.

  • so the juice head look is hot...

    those pics are all photoshopped

    so is it that he is ugly or you are a hater or you're jealous...

  • All that money and fame

    • correct man

  • Actually you seem to consider the better physique to be bulk, girls prefer the guy not to be overly muscular as they find that a bit too much, like the guy would be too high maintenance or like he's narcissistic. It's also got to do with the stupid perception that he's some deep and romantic guy based on how his character is seen... but then again tweens aren't going to be thinking too deeply into anything.

    • yeah man...im irritated with this hype ...girls in my class fanatise about this sh*t...while I keep looking them and think wtf are they mad...i know I won't be able to convince them...i shld wait for his hype to get over

  • only tweens like him