He treated me like crap. do you think that the new girl changed him?

My ex was manipulative and verbally abusive. He's now with someone else, and it seems like it's going great with her! One day while we were together, he just stopped loving me and started treating me like sh*t for no reason. He told me that he is emotionless and insensitive. He would call me names... Show More

hmm...interesting. well I can add that I'm stockbroker and he seemed to always compete with me on a professional level. but I got a job in a different city and I've started making friends with some genuinely nice, young men.
I'm really excited to get out there and date and use what I've learned to find what I really want. I have a chance to get some emotional as well as physical satisfaction. it's frustrating when he fails you in bed and in the relationship!

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  • Why don't you start dating nice, non-abusive guys and not give a sh*t what this dude is doing? Follow dude's lead and move on already. This is what guys mean when they say that nice guys finish last, because you would rather be depressed and fantasize about getting together with this fecal-conduit than to even attempt to date a normal nice guy -- just don't be one of those girls that falls for guys like this and then complain that there are no good men out there.

    • "fecal-conduit" lol. I'm just not ready to date. I think I need some work. I would like to stop thinking about it though.

    • If you want to stop thinking about something that bothers you then do what us guys do ......drink

    • I know. fantasizing about that is really immature and unrealistic. he tried the "nice guy" persona in order to get me. when it wore off, I broke up with him. I suppose I fantasized about mister "nice guy" coming back.