Jerks vs Gentleman?

First of all, I didn't know what else to title this lol. Anyways, throughout my life, I've noticed that some men who are legit terrible people not to women, but to men as well, always have girlfriends.

I remember in highschool, almost all the men who had a REPUTATION for being players and were well known for being assholes to everybody, men and women alike, had girlfriends, and never had a problem finding a new one after a break up. No joke. Why? I still see this trend today. The women never cared though because the guys were popular and had status though.

It does seem like being a more gentleman like type of dude gets you no where romantically with women. What do you all think? Why is this? I should also note that a lot of women associate nice/polite/gentleman with boring? I guess it just amazes me that terrible human beings who treat people like crap are ATTRACTIVE to girls, I guess I'm just missing something.

Anyways, let me know what you think!
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I forgot to mention, SO MANY women on here who ask about whether to break up with a dude or even pursue a guy, describe these dudes as being awful to them, and yet they still have to ask on whether to stay away from these guys, like, come on, if there's a fire, stay away or get burned lol
Jerks vs Gentleman?
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