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Girls, what do you think of bald guys? how about Hitman?

I'm 21, and I started losing hair since I was 16! genetically, all males are bald in my family once they reach the age of 20, I'm struggling to keep... Show More

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  • my last crush was balding and my girlfriends would make fun of him and tell me how I can do so much better, but I didn't listen to them because I knew him as a person and lked him a lottt, and it didn't matter if he had a few flaws, we all have flaws, my hair has been falling out too and I worry if a guy would care if I have thick hair or not...mine is just thinning...i don't think it should matter, its no ones fault just genes, you just have to be confident with what you got and someone will love you for you...

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  • Its testosterone which cause men to go bald early-they have much more then guys who dont,evidently,so that can be a positive.I don't think many girls are going to be put off at all but I will tell you my personal opinion-it is more attractive for a guy who is loseing his hair to shave it off then to try and disguise the fact.I used to have a real thing for guys with shaved heads before I got with my man there was just something about it-so id say do that,you will save yourself a lot of bees and stress to.

  • yeah most girls like a guy with hair...but it depends on the girl and what her typei think hitman is sexy but I perfur a guy with long hair

  • apparently me who bald at a youn age have a higher sex drivethan men who don't :)

  • Well both me and my mother agree that if a guy has a good looking head then it doesn't matter if he has hair. He may even look better with out it. Men can look great with bald heads. I don't believe this is the case with all women but perhaps a few. =)

  • I think that bald guys can be just as attractive as guys with a full head of hair. I don't see a problem with it at all.

  • dnt worrie if you got hair or not still gurls are gona flirt with you there are a lot of guyz dnt hv hair and they look cute and abt hitman he is okii.so..its okii if ur bald :)

  • Bald men are sexy

    • Thanks, I am sure you are a sexy girl ;)

What Guys Said 2

  • paint a large eyeball on your shiny bald head. that will intimidate women and cause them to have sex with you.

    • HAHA! oh come on, I'm not striving to have sex!! that wasn't the question, I wanted to know what girls think about that

  • I got a girlfriend who tells me that Jason Statham ( link ) is sexy. She says "he really rocks the whole bald thing." I don't get it but it's cool

    • My Girlfriend says something remarkably similar, though she's never directly said the word "Sexy".

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