Age Difference? How old is too old?

Okay, guys and girls. At what age, would you say that someone is too old for you?

Just to give you an example: When I was 24, I started seeing a 39 year old woman. 15 years difference. I thought it was pretty cool that I was screwing a 39 year old woman. 14 years later, she and I are still together, but I'm not interested in carrying on the relationship because she has never wanted a family and I thought I could change that. She still doesn't and I do. She can't anymore.

I think it's alright for girls to date older guys, because guys can still provide a family at almost any age. Women have are in a time crunch.


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  • Dude, you must have loved her to be with her that long. I'm 26 now, but when I was 24 I met a 40 year old online. The sex was amazing too and she still looks hot today but the relationship didn't last because she told me from the beginning that she couldn't have children. I told her I couldn't produce children either because of some stupid genetic disorder but anyways after she told me she didn't want children period, that was when we went our separate ways. I think I only went out with her for 10 months.

    So if you are 38 now then that means this woman is in her early 50s. Well if you really want to have children and this woman can't give you any or doesn't want them even if you adopted them then I suggest move on. If I was still with the older woman that I was with then I still would have left her eventually because I already know that I want to have a child even if I have to go out and adopt one. The only problem that I currently have is that adoption agencies in the United States don't want to give children to single parents. Which in my case SUCKS. So until I can find a girlfriend that is willing to adopt a child with me, I'm screwed and will never get to experience fatherhood.

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      Thanks. We've discussed other options such as surrogacy and adoption.