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How to accidentally bump into him?

I like this older guy. I need to find a way to talk to him, so I figured "accidently" bump into him to break the ice. But how do I do it? and how to... Show More

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  • hmmm do you guys know each other? even a little? because if you do it will be a lot easier. like if you guys know each other. then you could 'just so happen to be where he is on a weekend afternoon" XD and then you could be like heyyy! and start talking. if not. I don't know because what I reckon. the whole 'bumping into someone' won't work, probably only works in the movies. because it will get all awkward. but that's what I think anyways. because if you bump into him. and be like ohh sorry. awkward silence. and then. my names ____ and he will be like my names ____ then. he could probably tell it was done on purpose. and what happens after that? lol another way I suggest. is wen he is sitting down somewhere. or doint watever. glance at him from time to time. and wen he looks at u. do a little smile. and see if he smiles back. and keep doing it. and then after that. this is wen you do the whole. 'just so happen to be where he is on a weekend afternoon"but that's just me XD good luck.

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