I am 42 years old and attracted to younger women 20-34? Ladies would you date a man my age?

Ladies ,

I know I am attracted to younger females and no I am not a player...younger ladies would you date a 42 year old man?

Why or why not!

Wow,double standards galore...proves my point women can date any age range they choose...however if a man likes younger women he's a weird pervert...Wow


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  • Oh my, your update! I haven't read anyone's responses but I think you'll like mine! You can absolutely date younger women! I am married to a guy who is 10 years older than me and my late husband was 16 years older than me! Age is nothing but a thang unless the woman is older and the guy wants kids. If you fall for someone much younger than you and you both are in the same mind set then THAT is what counts. I would much rather date someone who is on my level than be stuck with someone who is not just because of an age factor. Now here's something funny. Lately MUCH younger men have been hitting on me and at first I shunned them but then when I started talking with them there were quite a few that seemed to have higher intelligence than me and I found that to be SO attractive! I can feel it now, I'm gonna be a real cougar! lol. You go ahead Sweetie and date all those younger women you want. There are so many women out there like me who prefer an older more distinguished man who has good morals and we can hold a very intelligent conversation with. I really hope this helped. Oh and by the way, my sister recently married a man who is 18 years older than her. Whoo Hooo!


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  • Most likely no and I say "most likely" because that's a 21 year age gap and we'd just be in different places in our life. But if I happened to find a guy I'm compatible with I wouldn't turn him down solely because of age.

  • I know a 42yo guy I wasn't good enough for because I was close to his age. He went and got a 25yo virgin instead. She was so young & stupid she had no idea she was getting played. He said ALL the right things and got her to open her legs instead of waiting for marriage like she wanted. So sad, but young people can't help their brains don't stop growing until they're 30. The thing is older men know this and they use it to their advantage. Creepy!

    • Some do some like the spark youth and love brings...

    • Yeah, younger guys are better looking... smoother, softer skin, stronger sex drives. But when I really look at them as a person, mostly I see immaturity, inexperience, and naiveness. I don't want to be with someone I'm constantly having to educate. If I wanted I child, I'd give birth to one.

  • when I was 24 I dated an older man that was 37 years old. He turned out to be a player but that has not put me off older men anyway. All depends on what situation he is in and if the relationship would work.

    And of course you like younger woman because younger woman nowadays put a lot more on show than more mature women.

    Just my opinion ofc :)

  • I'm 19 so I don't really fall into that age range, but no I wouldn't. The differences would just be too big. He would be at a totally different stage in his life, I just don't think we would have a lot in common.

    Plus I want children in about 5 - 10 years, he'll be 47 - 52, no offense but I think that's a bit old for starting a family

    • @update lol women have an even harder time dating boys 20 years younger. No one should date someone 20 years younger. If keep going for it though, you better have money because statistically the older the age difference the more likley the younger person is in there for the money. With a 20 years age difference she is almost certainley in it for the money.

  • Well I am unsure. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I usually would want to be with somone my age but I know men that are older are just that, men. They are more mature, wiser, experienced, and look at the world from a different perspective than a 20 year old. So maybe, yes. I think if society hadn't drilled into me the idea that dating someone so much older is socially unacceptable/wrong, I might be more open to it. But I am still unsure of this particular topic.

    • Good answer

    • finally a smart girl!

    • I wish more girls would think like that then girls would look for love and feel OK with what ever age. No one would be asking this question

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  • Women in their 20's have very low interest in men in their 40's.

    At 30, some are more open to it.

    At 36 or so, they'd consider 42 a pretty 'normal' age.

    That's what they'd say anyway. If your game/attractiveness are very high you'll do better. From what you say your success in the field is not really bearing that out.

    If you're thinking that you're inexperienced for your age and would hence do better with a younger woman, good luck. Young women who LIKE older men like them because they are established, confident and know what they want and what they're doing. An inexperienced older guy is basically a less attractive version of an inexperienced younger guy.



    tells you something about actual interest, rather then theoretical.

    • damn those statistics made me feel like have no time left

    • No my cousins are 36 -38 in they want date guys pass 40 . They like them in their 30's or younger

    • Thanks for sharing the article.

  • every guy is attracted to women 20-30 years old...

    • to your update: well, you basically came here saying "to the women over 37 or so, you're ugly. To the women under 37, I think I'm probably ugly too, but would you bone me anyway please?"

  • Not at forty. Unless you're a young looking guy or deep pockets, you're more likely to look like a perv than actually be taken seriously.

  • larry, larry, larry.

    i hope your sales numbers are very good.

  • Good to know almost every girl who considered it was looking for money. Not nec getting paid, but travel, wine and dine. Jeez. There are plenty of girls with daddy issues out there who are into it beyond the cash

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