What do I do if I broke up with my boyfriend and he hasn't tried contacting me?

i broke up with my boyfriend over some on-going problems we had been having and no matter how hard I tried to make it work he didn't seem to understand. I love him and I know he adores me. he called me the day after we broke up. I haven't heard from since ( a couple of days) how do I know if he is playing it off like he does not care or if he truly does not care?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Listen I am a master in break ups I have been there and done that story, The reasons for a breakup is problems no matter how much we try to fix the situation it won't change a thing it will just get worst. See don't worry if he does not call you because men have this thing to put us women thru what is called the TEST, Trust me they always want us to call them back but see when you don't it makes them wonder what you are doing. I have done it and still doing it, When me and my boyfriend Argue he calls me and I give him the cold shoulder, I hang up the phone because it takes two people to argue and if you are not the one arguing well gues what he will be arguing by himself. So don't worry about him at this point worry about you, keep yourself occupied and don't thing of it. If he adores you and care about you like you said he does then he will call you...