Guys, So, when I broke up with my Boyfriend two weeks ago I didn't expect him to not want to be my friend afterwards. What now?

Two weeks ago I broke up with my Boyfriend. He wasn't a very romantic guy and I had to beg him to do simple Boyfriend tasks that would probably come naturally to others. I think there are better suited men for me to date and better suited women for him. He's a good looking guy, so I know he'll get another girl in no time.

I told him that lately I feel really independent and for the first time in my life I don't feel the need to have a boyfriend. I haven't seen him in a week, and I felt OK. I shouldn't feel OK with not seeing my boyfriend. Our relationship is missing the excitement it had in the beginning. I value his friendship and I don't want to lose it but I understand that after this he may not want to be my friend for a while.

However, I was NOT prepared for the result of breaking up with someone who turned out to be MY BEST FRIEND. He expressed no emotion when I broke up with him! Oh my God! He won't talk to meee. I'm so depressed! Breaking up with my Boyfriend revealed how few friends I actually have. I feel SO LONELY!

It's not loneliness in the MEN department, its loneliness in the FRIEND department. Relationship or no relationship I get attention from guys, but so few girl friends! My mom warned me not to break up with him until graduation so I don't have to see him at school afterwards, but even though he's not always the most affectionate guy, I know he LOVED me and it would have been wrong to continue the relationship if I don't want to be with him anymore and then schedule an exact time and date to dump him. How much time do I need to give him to initiate any reconcile of friendship with my Ex?

We would have made it to one year this month, he was my companion and our relationship was so real and now he won't even talk to meeee. :(
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What confuses me most is that half of the responses on my question are so ANGRY towards me. You guys don’t even KNOW this kid. We had a great relationship, but it was not perfect in any shape or form. I asked how long until I can try to reconcile a friendship, and a decent amount of answers are aimed to make ME feel like sh*t. This is my first time breaking up with anybody. Maybe it’s the language I used when I wrote my question? In the future I’ll be more prepared for those responses.
Guys, So, when I broke up with my Boyfriend two weeks ago I didn't expect him to not want to be my friend afterwards. What now?
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