I just broke up with my boyfriend but asked him to keep seeing each other. Is this ok?

We'd been together for 5 months (32M + 28F), but we spent so much time together, talked every day, and planned a life together because I thought we had so much chemistry. I feel sad and hopeless.

Yesterday, while he was showing me some random photo on his phone, he accidentally showed a nude of a random girl who had sent it to him, dated 1 month ago. I was in shock. I never thought he was that kind of guy because he presented himself as such a religious, valued man.

He told me that it was a photo he had saved a long time ago... so I asked to see his messages... the result? He was flirting with two of his ex-flings and asking them to send him nudes. He promised me he never met with them, it was just over the phone, he just wanted to see their photos and that he recognizes he's got a sexual content addiction.

He cried, asked me not to leave him, and we talked for like 8 hours. I cried too, I don't want to leave him, so I told him to meet casually until I can finally get over my feelings for him. Not romantically. I don't know, I'm desperate because I know how much it will hurt if I just stop seeing him. We saw each other DAILY.

He told me that he doesn't want me like that, that he really loves me and wants everything with me, that he will fight to change, and he will do it so I can trust him again. I said "no, I will never trust you again, don't even bother trying to work on that with me" and he's still insisting... I don't think I'll ever trust him, from what I saw, he speaks compulsively to other women, he can't stop seeing naked women and I don't think he will ever change... but it still hurts because I imagined a life with him... Am I doing the right thing by just keeping seeing him?

I just broke up with my boyfriend but asked him to keep seeing each other. Is this ok?
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