How can a girl REALLY prove her love for a guy?

I would appreciate an answer that was something more than just sleeping with a guy or giving him a nice gift. Something that REALLY proves that you love someone and that they are the love of your life. That you can't survive in this world without them. Answers please? (:


Most Helpful Guy

  • Men aren't that hard to please and that doesn't mean you have to do something sexual for them.

    I love healthy food, so any girl that knows me well enough and makes me a custom salad with all the right ingredients, will be on my good side. As long as you are a decent cook, there's no guy in his right mind that will turn down food from a girl. We get hungry too!

    There are other ways of saying "I love you" without using those exact words. Telling a man that he is your hero, that you trust him and enjoy his company goes a long way. It may not seem like much, but guys need a little affirmation too. It is a fantastic feeling to know that a girl looks up to you.

    It works much better than just saying "I love you" because he might feel the heat is on him to say the same thing in return. If he is still trying to decide his feelings for you, this would be extremely awkward. Stick to telling him he is trustworthy, funny and that you respect him.

    Guys like girls that are happy being girls. Cutesy stuff is always adorable. Write him a short love note with a little gift attached and stick it somewhere hidden. Then, take a bunch of Post-It notes and place them in a specific order with instructions on how to find the "treasure". Anticipation is always fun!

    If you're guy is worth keeping, he'll love all these ideas. A decent guy doesn't demand that a girl does something sexual for him to love or respect her. Loving is about giving, not requesting.

    Good luck and I'm sure you'll find some creative ways to keep things interesting!