How can a girl REALLY prove her love for a guy?

I would appreciate an answer that was something more than just sleeping with a guy or giving him a nice gift. Something that REALLY proves that you love someone and that they are the love of your life. That you can't survive in this world without them. Answers please? (:


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  • Men aren't that hard to please and that doesn't mean you have to do something sexual for them.

    I love healthy food, so any girl that knows me well enough and makes me a custom salad with all the right ingredients, will be on my good side. As long as you are a decent cook, there's no guy in his right mind that will turn down food from a girl. We get hungry too!

    There are other ways of saying "I love you" without using those exact words. Telling a man that he is your hero, that you trust him and enjoy his company goes a long way. It may not seem like much, but guys need a little affirmation too. It is a fantastic feeling to know that a girl looks up to you.

    It works much better than just saying "I love you" because he might feel the heat is on him to say the same thing in return. If he is still trying to decide his feelings for you, this would be extremely awkward. Stick to telling him he is trustworthy, funny and that you respect him.

    Guys like girls that are happy being girls. Cutesy stuff is always adorable. Write him a short love note with a little gift attached and stick it somewhere hidden. Then, take a bunch of Post-It notes and place them in a specific order with instructions on how to find the "treasure". Anticipation is always fun!

    If you're guy is worth keeping, he'll love all these ideas. A decent guy doesn't demand that a girl does something sexual for him to love or respect her. Loving is about giving, not requesting.

    Good luck and I'm sure you'll find some creative ways to keep things interesting!


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  • don't worry about "proving it". be there for each other, REALLY listen to each other, care for each other . . . those are the simple sounding things that in reality are MUCH more important and rare than TELLING or PROVING to someone that you can't survive with out them. A lot of people say things like that but don't put the time and effort into being a good friend and partner.

  • do things that are prove how thoughtful of you for him. especially things that not too many knows about him.

  • go to his house and get to know his mom and siblings...nurse him when he gets a cold...that is the best...sexual favors is not proof...he will take you less seriously...

  • Accept him for who he is, Love is looking past his short comings.

    I think the sweetest thing a girl could do for me is see something that I may do wrong, let me know it bothers her but not put me down about it and let it go.

    Then I'd know she loves me, or sh*t a brick lol

    In all seriousness though only then would I ever change myself for her, aren't us guys stubborn :/ haha

  • Avoid comments like "you can't survive this world without them." It sounds good in poetry, music, and movies, but in real life it can come across as needy and obsessive. In all honesty, words are the least effective way to PROVE your love. Only actions. Always be there for him, appreciate him for who he is, be a friend first and foremost, and you should get the same from him.

  • Tell him exactly what you just wrote. Obviously the situation matters, so take him out to dinner or a movie, or whatever he likes doing most... maybe a ball game, I dunno... then tell him.

    Also, gifts are always nice, but I tend to disregard those that don't show time devotion... If you do give him a gift, make sure you put some thought into it, like a photo mosaic (they're easy to make with any computer). Swallowing always proves that you love him too ;)


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  • i guess I'm sorta lazy. I would just spend time cuddling, lying on the couch, telling him that I did love him. I guess. I guess spend time doing something fun together would be what I would do.

  • the only true way a girl can do this is to prove she trusts him.

    guys are very big on the whole trust issue, they need to be able to go out for a night and get back in early morning without the questions " where have you bin" "who were you with" "were any pretty girls there!"

    same with if they have pictures taken with a really hot girl!

    you do have the right to express your opinion on these things, and as I fellow female I ask these questions to myself all the time!

    but guys need to have a little bit of freedom, saying that you also have to show them you care about this but not in a controlling, suffocating way. if you don't show you care, then they will move on.

    hope I helped a little bit,

    good luck


  • One of the easiest ways to let your guy know that you love him is to do the simple things. They like it when you put their feet up, bring them a beer every now and then, etc. It doesn't really have to be some flamboyant gesture of adoration. Just by doing the small deeds, he will realize how much you care and how they can't live without you.

    One suggestion: write a poem/letter about your feelings for him. Make sure to include cute and inspiring anecdotes of your life together. It will make him smile and your heart melt.

  • she shouldnt have to 'prove' it..he should feel it.

  • Through being with that person and letting you heart do the talking

  • IF you were truly in love with him, you can't describe it. It just is. Nothing can stop her from flirting or smiling when you make her laugh. When you say something to her that is kinda sad, she feels for you. That she looks at no other guys, and wants you only. She shares her feelings with you, and knows how you will react.

  • This is sort of the question I want answered too :( My guy has trust issues and I just want to prove to him, that I'm not going to hurt him, and that I love him too much to do so, he just has problems knowing the truth from lies, but here's the things I do to prove to him that I really love him, I don't know if its working for me, but it may work better for you...

    Find want interests him the most in life, like a hobby or something he likes to do, and just be really supportive about it, my boyfriend loves basketball and he recently just tore his acl and other things I'm not sure of the names (lol) but right now he's pretty depressed about it since he can't play until 6months from now, and he's afraid that he won't be as good as he was before the injury, but when he's down about it and wants to talk I always reassure him to be opptimistc about things and not too give up,

    When he's with you , hold him. I know this might sound like the GUYS job but when I do it, my boyfriend says he likes it a lot because its like secure, I don't know how he described it but I guess it makes him feel special, kind of like how us girls feel when they hold us,

    Be jealous. just a little, this will let him know that you want him to be for you and for you only, but don't be too jealous, I know this will be hard cause its especially hard for me, my boyfriend has a lot of female friends and I can't help to think that they like him, or he likes them., because its normal for humans to be attracted to other people, but don't go overboard with the jealousy cause it will lead to fights and arguements :( speaking from expierence, sometimes I get so emotional that it gets out of control, and it "annoys" him

    But when the guys say don't be too obsessed we should listen, because then they do get a little "big headed" and think you're there to stay for ever, when its really we're getting tired of how they act, I'm having a hard time to not showing obsessivness (if that's a word lol) because its hard holding feelings back, but we just have to try really hard.

    hope this helps. :)

  • first of all you shouldnt have to worry about proving your self to him

    doing little thinks like bringing him a cold beer without him asking or telling him you love him should be enough. love is not about proving one anouther feelings its the way you are around one anouther.just being there is the best thing you can do.

  • i made a slideshow for my included pictures of us both together at winter ball, and homecoming, prom..etc.. I took pictue of special places like the first place we had kissed and uploaded them to my sliddeshow. I used the website He really liked it. I have written him poems of words that came to mind when I thought of him. or you could leave him notes in his backpack if he goes to school, his pants pockets...etc. Tell him how you really feel about him. don't be shy, he will be able to tell if you honestly mean it.

    tell him you love him at random times in a conversation