Guys, Is asking out a girl on April Fools Day considered a joke?

So, I had a guy friend that would meddle in my relationship with my boyfriend. he basically created issues between my boyfriend and I when my boyfriend and I didn't have any and would make a big deal about them. Then, he wanted my boyfriend to prove to him that he loved me and I really don't know why. My guy friend just treated me a lot more nicer than normal. It was as though someone doused a bunch of maple syrup on pancakes. Anyways, on April Fools Day, he said: Hey Bgurl2_0, wanna go out? And it threw me off guard because why in the heck would you ask your friend that knowing that she has a boyfriend? I said: Of course I wouldn't go out with you :P, and didn't respond to it, just ignored it and then began to treat me like sh*t. Mind you, this all happened on his Discord server where everyone can see what he said to me.

Also, I should point out that before I started dating my boyfriend, I had feelings for this guy friend, but I got over him a long time ago. Soy boys, do you think that him asking me out was an April Fools joke, or do you think he was just using April Fools day as cover up and he was being serious about it? I don't know. I have so many theories as to why he did what he did, but I just wanna know your thoughts on it is all.
Guys, Is asking out a girl on April Fools Day considered a joke?
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