The Way of the Gentleman

What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word, "gentleman"?

Prince Charming.
The suave host at the formal party.
The chivalrous, content man who knows how to present himself.
We think of the one and only, James Bond.
Who really wants to be a gentleman these days?

To be honest, a gentleman is probably the most conservative, reputation building person that you can be. Not to mention, women usually fall for gentleman. There's something about us. Maybe it's the charm? I'll leave that one up to you.
"In order to be a gentleman, you must completely wash your mind of anything that has to do with yourself."
Now, some people are born with it, some people aren't. I, thank God, have been blessed with charm. Yet, I do admit, I definitely need to work on my gentleman ways. Sure a gentleman has charm, but there are things that I don't have that a gentleman does.

  • In order to be a gentleman, you must completely wash your mind of anything that has to do with yourself. Gentlemen always think of others first. You can probably assume where this will get you. Everyone has at least a certain level of respect of someone who cares for others before themselves. Don't forget to always be polite. Even if you don't like someone, don't lower yourself to meet their, already low, personality.

  • Cursing is another thing. There's a certain, almost vibe, you get from a man that curses all the time. Do not curse. This will hold an almost conservative look to you. No matter how you look at it, cursing is frowned upon by society for reason that are still beyond my understanding. When someone hears you curse, they immediately think, usually on a subconscious level, of a "bad word" being said, which in turn creates a negative image however slight it may be.

  • Also, don't get into fights. When was the last time you've seen a gentleman in a fight? Never. That's because a true gentleman will intelligently talk through the bicker on their own terms, not in front of the crowd. This will just draw attention to yourself, and I'm sure we all think the same when someone draws attention to themselves.

  • When the seats are all taken and a woman(or man) enters the room, always be the first to give up your seat. Even if they refuse the offer, this will create a huge impact on the way they view you. You just gave up your seat for someone, even if you didn't know them, and they will think, "Wow, what a nice guy".

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  • You also need a sense of style. And no, I'm not talking about emo, skater, scene, preppy style. I'm talking about clean-cut, reverent and conservative style. Have you ever seen Ocean's 11? That casual suit look is a perfect portrayal. Hell, all the actors in that movie act like a degree. Except George Clooney, he's the most charming mother-fucker I've ever seen in my life! I mean, every girl I talk to can't get enough of that man!

  • As I've stated before: Be charming. This is the key to gentleman lifestyle. When your charming, you give off that personality that most people like. It IS possible to learn to be charming. So guys, don't think your screwed. There's articles all across the web for this. Unconscious body movements, your way with words, and how you present yourself can all go a long way.

In conclusion, this is just a SMALL taste of what it takes to be a gentleman. It would literally take me weeks to write down everything. But, hopefully this will give you an overall generalization. Now go out there and practice! Until next time, my dare I say, gentleman!

What Girls Said 6

  • Haha that's pretty good. And yesh women do go for the gentlemen....simply because they are everything you've just stated. Of course the charm does have a lot to do with it. The gentlemen just know how to make girls feel loved and special.

  • Well the first word come into my mind is:British

  • WOW what a wonderful article. Well said.

  • good post, but I believe you broke one of your rules by cussing :)

  • Thank you for posting this! It's true that a gentleman (or lady) puts others before themself, possesses decorum and resists any situation which draws negative attention to ANYone. It's consideration of others, not for how they will regard you. But regard for others for their benefit is an important part of our shared survival, well-being and becoming more civilized and evolved.

    It's easy to be a gentleman or lady... just follow the golden rule... "do unto others...

    I have much to learn too.

  • Ah gotta love a classic gentleman.


What Guys Said 2

  • I was one of the few people I know who was raised to act like a gentleman.

    Another thing that I personally do is to always stand when your woman walks into the room.

  • Not bad... not bad... Reminds me of The Book of the Courtier (16th Century classic on social graces and being a gentleman)