If a girl calls you darling does it mean they like you?

I like a girl and she is always calling me dear and darling does she like me?

she doesn't call anyone else this.. she knows I like her but she says she only likes me as a mate. However past week or so she been texting me loads.. we chatted tonight on Facebook for a good couple of hours then we said night 20 mins later texting starts


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  • hmmn I never used darling! I always refer to guys as hottie or cutie

    darling soounds like a mom calling his son like 'darlingg come get ur dinner'

    but may be she's just being cute using it...i guesss from ur update id say she likes u!


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  • I wouldn't say so. I call guys that a lot even though I don't like them. To me things like sweetie and dear and darling are just things I say. But I guess it also depends on if she only says this to you? Or how she acts around you?

    otherwise I wouldn't assume that she likes you.

  • hmmm no ... we can just say it for fun .. not on the real talk

  • your gonna need to give a little more info than that! does she call a lot of people that or just? how else does she act around you?


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  • My best friend calls me that.

  • My girl calls me cutie, darling and sweetie, what's up?

  • girls are strange creatures. you should really read men are from mars and women are from venus.

    she could be into you or she is just looking for some one to talk to. girls like to talk about their emotions and how they feel. the cute/darling/hun could just be a way of flirting. she could be flirting just because she can. when girls flirt to guys, things are just easier. we, as men, think that they like us, so in return we are nicer to women.

    girls think of things 100 steps before you could think of the first step.

    just ask her out if you like her and by pass all the games. if you're straight with her, things are a lot easier