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Why do girls and women leave panties on the floor in the bathroom?

Even when they are changing in somebody else's house because they are visiting, why do they do that? Also when people come over and the girl who... Show More

I had a friend who had a roommate who had a girlfriend who did that (luckily it wasn't in my apartment). And this past weekend I was on a vacation at a lake house and a lot of relatives were there and one lady did that at the vacation lake house.

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  • Either.

    A) They're both slobs who were never taught any better or.

    Nevermind it's probably just A.

    • I think you are right

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  • umm I don't know what to tell you I don't know any girls that do that. I usually pick my undies up off the floor. do you have a roommate that has a girlfriend that does that? because that is odd and I would tell my roommate because I'm sure it bugs him as well

  • Well, that's just weird. I've never heard of that before. Maybe you're just a panty magnet! ;)

  • I honestly don't know any girls that do this, so it's just the girl you know. I'd probably question her about it, if it's bothering you.

  • I'm pretty sure that if I or any other girl did that at my boyfriend's place, any one of his roommates would more than likely either put the panties on their head or wear'em themselves : D Most guys I know love panties and would probably sacrifice a teste to be in your situation ; )

  • Hahaha, you gave me a good laugh. I haven't met anyone like that, but I speculate it's similar to dogs peeing to mark their territories.

  • it's official you attract girls who can't keep their undies to themselves.lol

    but honestly I have no clue. it's disgusting and really I have met a girl that does that. and if you ever come across another girl like that. you should def tell her that is not cool :/

  • ewwww.i've always been taught to pick up after my own mess. I don't know why women do that but I've seen it a lot at the gym that I go to at school. it's so weird for me to see a woman's undies laying around as if it's something that needs to be advertised.

    sorry I haven't been able to answer your question but maybe they just don't see anything wrong with it.

  • not every girl does that I don't and nobody I know do its just the girl you know does just because one girl does something doesn't speak for the rest of us

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