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Why do (some of) you add extra letters at the end of words for no real reason?

Why do (some of) you add extra letters at the end of words for no real reason? ie. like thisss Never really understood that. If you're a guy and... Show More

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  • Like with the word hey.. I don't just flat out say... "hey". In person. I'll usually be more like Heyy! It reflects how I speak and If I do drag out a word in person I will in text. Now if someone does it for words that don't even make sense, then that's stupid.

    • Awsomeeeeeeee.


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  • BC wE feeelle LieK it <3 and EET makes uss so cuteee <3 OMGGGGG

  • Lol, I can only think of a few occasions I do that. It's a way of expression through text, a way to emphasize something. I wouldn't say "thisss" but I might be guilty of "sooo cool" or "Nooo!" :) I don't get too crazy with it.

  • I try to type in a why that reflects my intelligence.

    • To be fair, the sort of person who types like that probably does too.

  • I don't get it either. I only do it to emphasize a word. For example, if I'm enraged, I'll type the word "rage" as "RAGGGGEEEEEE". Besides that, I never do it.

    The most annoying one is hiiiiii or heyyy.

    • Yeah, that heyyy is a killer.

  • i don't do that. Makes it seem like I couldn't keep my fingers off the last letter of a word

  • I used to only do that only words like "hey" because I thought it looked interesting, lol. Now I have to type using proper grammar, otherwise it just bugs me. Although, I think people, probably girls especially, put extra letters to elongate the word and make it seem like they're enunciating it differently. Like when you hold onto the end of the word when speaking.

  • Hey guys do that too. It's for emphasis.

  • It's to Basically make that word stand out more

  • Probably because most girls do it and it's considered "cute" if we do. Why, does it bother you?

    • Just curious about the rationale behind it.

  • I don't do that :D & it sounds silly.

  • its a visual representation of verbally dragging out a word. when I read that, in my head I can hear how they'd say it.

  • To stretch out the word

  • What kind of question is this?

    • It's point would be to ascertain the reasoning behind why some girls add extra letters to the end of their words when they type. So I'd imagine it would be an inquisitive question, if you needed to pigeonhole it into a type.

  • for fun

  • When I do it, I'm emphasizing that word. Like if I say "I can't wait to see youuuu" then you should read it as me emphasizing the yo"uuuu" part of the word

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