What does it mean when a guy says 'it was nice meeting you'?

When you meet someone within a professional capacity and get on well, what would it mean if he emailed 'it was nice meeting you' as an opening sentence? Does it have a literal meaning or is it man code which could be interpreted in to something else?


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  • It's what almost everyone says to each other after meeting people for the first time. It's just polite, there's nothing to it.

  • It is just a polite thing to do. Like after an interview you always say, 'it was nice meeting you' to come of as polite and professional. Generally, its never nice meeting interviewers!

    • Why just me and not the others? See my comment above, thank you.

  • OMG! Prepare yourself. This may be quite shocking.

    He was just being polite.

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    i really don't know what code you could be talking about...that sounds like a pretty straight forward "it was nice to meet you"

    • Maybe I'm over analysing the scenario. ?After our encounter I didn't think we would have any further communication,?however he found a way to contact me. When I asked other female colleagues if they had received an email of the same nature they said NO. The main reason is why he would have just emailed me??

  • It means he wants to marry you, obvious