Do teachers ever find a student attractive?

I just a question, but it was vice versa...So I decided to switch it up and ask this one.

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  • I'm sure they do. I hope so anyway. One of my professors is sexy as hell! I'm sure regardless of age they still notice which of their students are attractive. Or, if the student is under 18 or something, they probably notice how "cute" or "adorable" they are. When it comes to university I'm sure the lecturers do find at least one student attractive, whether or not they act upon it. Seeing as there are so many students in one class and only one professor, I'm pretty sure that the chances of a teacher finding even one student attractive is high.

    • Yeah. I have mainly male teachers, and I always find them staring at my bust or buttoxx lol. It's weird. And when I have a question, they always make sure to come over to area and get close and personal w/me in order to just "get the point across".

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    • I see. Make sure you don't get anyone fired lol.

    • Hahaha, last year our vice principal's daughter was my beat friend, but he always took off his shirt in front of me when I was at his house and came in her room to give us both hugs every 5 minutes w/o his shirt .. Let's just say he isn't a teacher/faculty member in my area anymore...