Coworker became distant after having sex! Need help?

I'm 24yo and there is a coworker of mine who is very hot (a 10 for sure) and she is 26, Russian and lives with her sister who is married to a much older guy and they have a kid. I asked her out, after refusing she reschedule a week later, we hit it off pretty good, she enjoyed and so did I, she always mentioned that she is in a time at her life that she should be getting married and having children (more serious stuff). Her lasts boyfriends were all above 37, she was engaged one time and got dumped on Christmas she was devastated, (you will see why this matters later)... First date was great. After that, I asked her out again many times, and she always made excuses, but always remained close. On september it was her birthday I sent her flowers and a romantic letter, I asked her out that day and she accepted, I went for the kiss and BINGO. After that we started talking and texting every night, romantic hot stuff, and dirty stuff.BUT she wouldn't go out with me for the next 2... Show More

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  • "She loves to test people, but I don't know how to respond to this one, so weird. She goes hot and cold with me at work, more cold than hot. I overheard her saying to someone that she stopped smoking, drinking coffee, and some other stuff that she cannot say..." (me?!) - 2 minutes ago


    hmmm... sounds like she's trying to change who she is... that really sounds like a new years resolution now... lol

    Well what I would do is keep being there. Just don't go out of your way for her. Take it easy and she will eventually come to you when she feels comfortable about it. AND STOP EAVESDROPING! that stuff only makes you paranoid! Trust me, I've been there! lol

    (Is there a way to quote answer comments? I'm new at thisssss )

    • Im already paranoid. Its hell! heheh... Its a small company, so you can imagine what's been like.

      I don't want to push her, asking questions," what's going on? do you miss me?" and stuff... It would come out as needy I thing.

    • I sent her this today, no answer.. " I would like to talk to you,I know that you probably don't want to talk about this, but I think I deserve to know what's going on, I have noticed for a while now that you seem so cold and distant to me inside of work, and I don't understand, I am always a very open guy, and I value our friendship very much to leave things like this. You needed some space from me outside of work, I respected that. If it's something I'm doing, I would be happy to know. "