Why my boyfriend pick his Xbox over me at night?

Hi my boyfriend is 30 and he loves his Xbox! I don't mind that he likes to play, it's just the hours he spends on it and those lonely nights I sleep alone cause he is playing Xbox. When we first started dating things were great he didn't even have an Xbox. Then once he got an Xbox it seem like I wasn't getting the attention from him like I used too. I sleep alone, hearing him playing on the Xbox with his boys laughing and everything. I wake up in the middle of the night to him still playing at like 3 in the morning or passed out on the couch. This has been going on for awhile and it makes me sick. He just doesn't understand he says he does but hasn't done anything about it. Still same old, same old...Not sure what to do anymore?

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  • Xbox is so much better than women. It is always visually stimulating, never complains, is always ready to do something you want to do. You will never beat it.

    Don't demand that he quit playing altogether. Plan ahead what you are going to do with each other and don't let him change plans. Allow a few nights for Xbox.

    • "Xbox is so much better than women"

      Lol this is what's wrong with guys on this site.

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    • The vast majority of women don't do that. The ones I hang out with don't even know how to cook for themselves. Women are awesome but the act of finding the right one for you sucks a lot and Xbox is usually a better all around good time.

    • I see what your saying about most women don't do that, I'm not like most women. I do my best to understand my man and make him happy, I just don't think he understands me... I'm not asking for much, I would just love to sleep close to my man shouldn't be an issue and talk about anything. Make each other laugh kiss one another just his present. Just twice a week would be nice, anything then nothing.