Girls: licking your lips or sticking your tongue out? How much interest is this?

So, I was out tearing up the dance floor doing some swing dancing the other night and found two girls -- one was an out-of-towner, one was a newbie local -- and got some good dancing in with a couple of girls I had just met that night.

One of them licked her lips a couple of times while giving me a look while dancing. She was quite cute and a bit tomboyish, plus we'd read quite a few of the same books, and she was getting educated in biology, and that just makes me want a girl so bad.

The other stuck her tongue out at me basically every time she went by. She also kept talking about her friend ditching her, the fact that she lived out of town, and so on. She was also incredibly eclectic educationally and career wise, she seemed VERY interesting.

I danced with both of them two or three times, they went quite well. I then collapsed way before the dance was over (oh dear god having a job) and went home alone. D'oh!

Still, barring my obvious mistakes on not following up on indications of interest from attractive women that I dance well with whom I found very interesting, what level of interest/flirtation does this indicate for most girls? I wasn't really thinking about it at the time as I usually flirt/date/hook up with girls from parties rather than from dancing, but what level of interest would that typically indicate on your part? Licking your lips and giving sultry stares? What about stopping to have a conversation with a guy, sticking your tongue out at him about 3 times every time you catch his eye, and continually talking about how your friends ditched you?

I can't even believe what a lazy idiot I am. Wow.


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  • Dude you just missed your damn chance. They sound like they were both interested. And if I'm not wrong the reason why the other chick kept hinting her friends had ditched her was because maybe she was hoping you would take her to your place. Remember most of the time females don't tell you things straight up, they hint at you and hoping that your not just gonna stand there like a dumb gorilla and actually make a move. It's just how they are. No Wonder Women think we're dumb. Why else would they lick they're lips or stick their tongue out at you? I'm pretty sure people don't to that to ugly people they don't like. Think. Be a man next time go up to them and make something happen. Quit being a bitch cause girls don't just fall into your lap.

    • Dude, you are totally right, I was a lazy f***ing idiot. I need to learn to have some balls when I'm not drunk. God. What. The. F***.

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  • wow iv never licked my lips or stuck out my tongue flirtatiously, only lick my lips when they feel dry and stick my tongue out to tease ppl:P

    altho... I mightt use that... haha

  • well she was a creep

    • She certainly wasn't.

  • she is interested

    • Was! The moment is passed. Lesson learned for next time.

  • well she was interested, she wanted you to go to her. and sticking your tongue at a guy in the middle of a conversation is weird.

    • She seemed like my kind of crazy. Oh, man, I am SO DUMB.

    • hahahah maybe you will see her again.

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  • I'm sure you realized what you've done wrong and what you could've done. The least you could've done was ask for their numbers dude. I mean I would've because of the situation and knowing that those girls were giving me signals. Who knows when they'll be at the same dance club ever again! You just gotta remember what day of the week you went to the dance club and go on that same day the next time.

  • i see a lot of tongues sticking out at bars , I've even seen girls stick out tongue rings at times . but not sure it means much , a lot of the time there really drunk , like on Saturday this really drunk blond stuck her tongue out at the bar she she was doing a shot I remember , the tongue just sort of got revealed cause she was wasted

    but anyways the girls you meet seemed interested , you should of tried to get a # maybe but if you go to bars a lot there will be others to meet

    • Oh, this wasn't a bar -- everyone was sober. I'm used to getting numbers at bars, I generally just dance to dance.

    • the story sounds like it happened at a bar , I don't know some girls are like obsessed with their tongues and stick them out a lot , like on Facebook some have their tongue sticking out in half the pictures . its just something some find fun and enjoy showing off .it doesn't always necessary have a sexual meaning but some guys will get turned on anyways

  • she obviously wanted your balls and weiner