Girls: licking your lips or sticking your tongue out? How much interest is this?

So, I was out tearing up the dance floor doing some swing dancing the other night and found two girls -- one was an out-of-towner, one was a newbie local -- and got some good dancing in with a couple of girls I had just met that night. One of them licked her lips a couple of times while giving me... Show More

I can't even believe what a lazy idiot I am. Wow.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Dude you just missed your damn chance. They sound like they were both interested. And if I'm not wrong the reason why the other chick kept hinting her friends had ditched her was because maybe she was hoping you would take her to your place. Remember most of the time females don't tell you things straight up, they hint at you and hoping that your not just gonna stand there like a dumb gorilla and actually make a move. It's just how they are. No Wonder Women think we're dumb. Why else would they lick they're lips or stick their tongue out at you? I'm pretty sure people don't to that to ugly people they don't like. Think. Be a man next time go up to them and make something happen. Quit being a bitch cause girls don't just fall into your lap.

    • Dude, you are totally right, I was a lazy f***ing idiot. I need to learn to have some balls when I'm not drunk. God. What. The. F***.