He can spend $40 on his friend but he can't even take me out on a real date?

He can spend $40 on his friend but he can't even take me out on a real date??

I'm kinda irritated because I was scrambling on what to get him for his birthday, bought him what he wanted and right in front of me (while he was always telling me he never has time or money to do something nice for me) spends $40 to get his friend something and the guy hasn't even taken me out on a real date. We've been together for a month now. I'm so glad we're not together anymore.


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  • you have only been in contact with this person for a month and you expect to be wine and dined? uhhh no


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  • ... I am too, Happy you are not with this Loser of All Losers.
    He has Mistaken your Kindness for Weakness and put his own Bud ahead of you, because he Never had a Heart from the Start when it Came to you or even Going out with you. It's Clear here, dear, he was even too Cheap to take you Out and show you About.
    Unless he shows a Change of 360 Degrees, keep him Away from you, this terrible Disease.
    Good luck. xx

    • *This My Take is Short and Sweet and apparently Approved by GAG. xx

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  • Worry about your own finances until you're married. Hungry? Take yourself out if it means soo much

    • My finances are taken care of... all I'm say is I don't mind being generous but don't go and buy shit for your "work friend" right in front of me when you don't do anything for me. That or just break it off. Be a decent person.

  • I like this and you made the right choice you deserve better.

    • Thank you! Cuz most people just oppose this thinking you're being a brat and I know I put myself in this place but its because I actually like you and not afraid to show it and I dont regret it. All I ask is some appreciation and if its not there gtfo

What Girls Said 5

  • This should have been a question, not a promoted myTake.

    He was probably never interested in you.

    • Realize that now and realized you can't get them to admit this. Which is right I'm happy we're not together anymore.

  • In his defense, his friend has been longer in his life than a month.

    • Actually he hasn't. This is a guy he started working with while we were dating. Nice assumption though. I haven't even met his friend because he's just a "work friend"

    • Ok, good riddance in that case.

  • He's not that into you. Move on.

  • good thing you noticed

  • why is this a mytake?


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