How It Feels To Be A Crazy Ex

When you try to deny you're over the person, yet you stalk them out of curisoity. Even though it's only been a month. You're sure he has a wife, kids and a dog.

How It Feels To Be A Crazy Ex

You honestly don't try to be the crazy ex. However, seeing other girls with him brings out a side in you that makes you ashamed... no matter how much you try to control it.

You disapear because you think it's best to leave. Although, you come back sometimes angry because of the break up. Or happy because you get to see them again. It's an on going cycle.

It sucks knowing that your ex is so kind, even though you delete him 500 million times He says he's always open to hang out with you...

Being crazy doesn't mean we don't have a good heart.


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