How I Became a Crazy Ex Girlfriend

How I Became a Crazy Ex Girlfriend

It started out as the best relationship I have ever been in, I felt like I found my soulmate. We had been friends for a long time before we got together. In high school, we actually had crushes on each other but neither one of us said anything for years. When we finally got together, it felt like everything clicked into place. We laughed at the same jokes, shared the same moral philosophy, liked the same shows, had the same hobbies, and had amazing sexual chemistry. Being with him felt right, and it was like that for a while. I was the hesitant one, but he seemed confident that we were meant to be, and his confidence was reassuring. Eventually, we started talking about where we wanted to live in the future, what our wedding would be like, how many kids we would have and when. He was usually the one to initiate these conversations, so I knew he wasn’t just going along with it, and it didn’t feel too soon since we had known each other a long time already.

At first, we didn’t fight. Didn’t even bicker. I got comfortable and let my guard down. It seemed like I could tell him anything. Our political views were both quite liberal and he always sided with me on feminist topics. He thought it was wrong that women were judged for being promiscuous, while men were praised.

One night that we were hanging out, somehow the topic of how many people we had slept with came up. He said 9, then I said I didn’t know for certain but somewhere around 15. He was the first boyfriend I had that I felt safe telling the number to. He seemed fine the rest of the night, if not a little quiet, but on the car ride home he was silent. I tried to make conversation with him, and he said nothing. He literally didn’t react to a single thing that I said or did. He didn’t say “I just need some space” or “I need some time to calm down”, he offered no explanation. Just silence. I didn’t know what to do. When we got back to his place, I followed him inside, and shut the door behind me. Finally, I asked if this was about my ‘number’.

He punched a hole in the wall. Then he marched over to me and screamed in my face to leave. I was stunned. He had picked me up, and we had driven together. I didn’t have a ride home, and it was the middle of the night. Unable to get a ride home, and without enough money for a cab, I stayed the night on his couch, and one of my friends picked me up in the morning. It was the most bizarre thing to witness. I had never seen anyone switch entire personalities that drastically, that fast. It was so out of character, and I couldn’t make sense of it.

The next day, I woke up to an apology text from him. He offered to take me out to breakfast to make it up to me, and I accepted. He explained his ex girlfriend cheated on him, and something that number being higher than he expected triggered his panic disorder, and he was trying to stay calm so he wouldn’t scare me, but clearly failed. I was able to relax. I had struggled with pretty bad depression and I knew that sometimes it looked a lot worse from the outside then it actually was. It just LOOKED scary. If I couldn’t accept his mental issues how could I expect him to accept mine if it turned up again in the future? I understood.

How I Became a Crazy Ex Girlfriend

The next time we hung out I was playing music in the background. A song he liked and had originally showed me that we listened to frequently, came up. His expression cold, he asked to delete the song. Not skip it, delete it. I asked why and he said “please just do it.” I didn’t ask questions and did as he said. It was just a song after all. He went back to normal after I did that and we continued to look at videos of puppies online.

Shortly after that, the music he showed me completely switched. Before that, he would always show me music that he knew I would like and we listened it together. Now, it seemed like every song he was showing me was a song that was obviously not something I would like. They were really sad or angry songs, a lot of country, a lot of heavy emo music. Each time he showed me a new song, he would act the same way he had before, like he was convinced I would love this song and had a huge grin on his face. I told him the songs were alright but that the lyrics were kind of creepy and depressing. He looked disappointed and explained he wasn’t paying attention to the lyrics, and just to lie back and listen to the beat of it. I went along with it. I didn’t hate it enough that it was a problem, and eventually I was just used to this new sort of music being in the background, him skipping most of the songs we used to listen together. He would always stop to listen to newer songs that he showed me that I actually liked, not just tolerated to make sure I was actually enjoying some of the music.

Early in our relationship, he was the music expert, showing me all sorts of new things, but he really liked my taste in tv shows and movies and usually I would pick what we would watch. He loved everything I showed him. The same time everything else started changing, he started reacting weirdly to the shows we watched. Before everything shifted, he would compare me to characters from tv shows we watched; beautiful, sympathetic characters that he seemed to have a thing for, and beautiful actresses. I normally thought it was a bit of an exaggeration, but he had solid reasons for it and enjoyed telling me when I did things like some of the characters. It was really sweet and made me happy.

Now, suddenly he was insulting those very same characters and actresses that he had been comparing me to. I would get offended because they seemed to be thinly veiled insults about me, but he always insisted that no, he was just talking about them. He also stopped liking the shows I would pick, including ones that he used to like, and started picking out the shows we would watch instead. It was now exclusively dark, popular comedy shows that I liked, but didn’t love, but he liked them so much I got used to it. When I would suggest a movie to watch, he said that he hated movies in general. That was new, I thought.

It evolved gradually. At first, it was just superficial things like music and tv, but then it got more serious. In the beginning, he loved my parents. Now, he couldn’t stand them and refused to come to dinner with anymore. He said my mom was a slutty alcoholic and my dad acted way too pompous for someone with only a bachelor’s degree. The insults weren’t so obvious either. I didn’t notice it at first, because he’d only bring it up when I was mad at them and venting to him. I told him I appreciated his support, but he didn’t need to take it so far. They were annoying at times, yes, but they were still good people. Then it didn’t seem to matter what I was saying about them, he would judge them anyways. I would mention I was getting lunch with my mom and he’d bring up something he knew I was still mad at her about, and I’d get into an argument with her. I started to think that maybe I had been seeing my parents as better than they actually were because I loved them. I started to believe my boyfriend that they were a bad influence on me and responsible for all of problems as a child.

Something similar happened with my best friends. Before I got together with him, I went through a real low point. I didn’t have a job, and I wasn’t in school. It took me a while to get back on my feet. Eventually I got a job. Now that I had a job, he started saying that he was disappointed in my friends. He had been friends with them all through high school as well, but now he was saying that it was because he thought they were going somewhere with their lives. He didn’t like their influence on me. I couldn’t bring them up or tell him I was hanging out with them without him giving me the silent treatment for days.

I didn’t realize until much later that he was systemically tearing down my entire life. He was taking away everything in my life that I cared about, except for him. The music I liked was “bad” so I was stuck listening to music I thought was mediocre, the tv shows I liked were mind numbing and I was too embarrassed to watch them anymore so I settled for the shows he deemed worthy. My friends and family were unmotivated wastes of space and I shouldn’t limit myself to them. I was stuck at a job I hated because I didn’t want him to think I was lazy and motivated the way he saw my friends. I had gained weight because we only ever hung out at his place, and he would only share really unhealthy food with me.

The next part solidified my dependence on him. After I felt apathetic at best about everything in my life, he broke up with me. Badly. He screamed at me, unloaded extremely personal, targeted insults to break me down as much as possible. He expressed his disappointment, told me he thought I was better than this. Told me how much I was hurting him. Told me that I was manipulating him, guilting into staying with him even though my life was a mess and his was finally going somewhere. He had real life examples skillfully put together to convince me that I HAD been doing that. I apologized, begged him not to leave me and promised I’d do better in the future, but he left anyways.

How I Became a Crazy Ex Girlfriend
I was miserable the few days that our breakup lasted. When he showed up with a teary eyed apology, complete with flowers and a promise that he would work on his anger issues, I saw it as the most romantic thing ever. In reality, it wasn’t. It was very minor romance that people should expect in their love life, but he had lowered my self-worth and expectations so much, he barely had to do anything. In fact, he could do whatever he wanted and get away with it. He was two completely different people, my loving boyfriend, and a hurtful monster, and they never showed up at the same time. It made no sense that anyone could be so horrible to someone they loved, so I think my mind went into shock whenever it happened. I even blamed myself for “making him mad”.

Writing it now, it seems obvious what he was doing, but you have to understand that everything he did started out so subtly that even when I did notice it, it would be insane to actually make anything of these tiny changes. I mean, why would anyone do what I thought he was doing? I thought I was paranoid. It was actually quite clever what he did. He did enough to have an effect on my life, but not enough to be obvious. Even if I did call him out, he had a rational excuse or said I was reading too far into things. Everything he did would sound completely paranoid if I said them outloud, and he was counting on that.

I was with him for 3 ½ years. He continued to periodically accuse me of things I wasn’t doing, but provide enough examples to make me scared that I was doing those things and that I was the crazy one, not him, and then breakup with me. He won every disagreement because he had no problem playing the ‘breakup card’. At one point, we were having a fight over the phone. He wasn’t pulling any punches, even though I was being careful not to say anything that he could see as manipulative or an exaggeration. I wanted to keep my integrity, and he knew because of that I would never actually say or do anything mean to him. I finally had enough, and for the first time, I left him. Not the other way around. We were apart for 7 months.

One day, I noticed on snapchat that he posted a story with a very pretty girl he was out to dinner with. I was surprised, and it hurt me. I took a deep breath, and decided I needed better closure since the last time we spoke we were screaming over a phone. I sent him a text saying that I was happy he was able to move on and wished him the best. Then I said goodbye. Just as I was about to delete him from snapchat, he replied. He said that when he noticed I saw his story, he realized it looked like a date and deleted it because he didn’t want to hurt me. She was his coworker, and they were just getting drinks after work. I was relieved.

We started talking again. He explained that our breakup was a wakeup call for him. He started seeing a therapist, started exercising more, and really worked on himself. He was even offered a job as soon as he graduated in the fall. I was genuinely happy for him. I explained that I was doing well too. I had gone back to school, got certified in phlebotomy, and was working at the local children’s hospital. He was away at a summer internship when we started talking again, and he wouldn’t be home for another month. It started out friendly, then we started talking about how much we missed each other. He told me he knew it was his fault we broke up and basically took responsibility for everything. He admitted it, and even now I think he was being sincere. He told me everything I had always wanted to hear from him without any prompting. When he got back, I was already in love with him again. It was like the beginning of our relationship all over again. He made an effort to appreciate me more, showered me with compliments, took me on nice dates, watched the movies I wanted to show him. He made sure to apologize and talk about our problems rationally instead of leaping to a fight. He wanted me to go with him across the country to his new job, move in together, and he would support me financially until I could find a job. We came up with all these plans and agreements about how we would stay together and work through our mutual issues, and be more understanding. He even met with my parents again and hung out with my friends and admitted that his judgments of them we out of line.

We would both have fun dreaming up our future together. He asked me if I’d rather have our wedding somewhere like Italy or somewhere more like Hawaii. We talked about having a house, and a dog. He kept telling me about all the great things he couldn’t wait to show me once we moved. Then, he said once he started working, he could finally afford to take me on a romantic vacation and out to fancy dinners like he had promised to do before but never followed through. He wanted me to decorate our apartment, and I had a whole theme picked out. I couldn’t wait.

But then he stopped going to therapy. It was too much for him trying to juggle his final semester of school, stick with his workout routine, prepare to move, have a girlfriend, prepare to move across the country, AND go to therapy on top of that. I took on the majority of the work to keep us together, and even took on the responsibility of looking at apartments over there. He felt bad that he was so busy, but I told him that I understood, and knew he would make it up to me after he finished the semester and could finally relax a bit. Then he got more stressed and I saw him less, and our relationship grew stressful for me. It took all of my energy to follow the rules we agreed to when we got back together, when he couldn’t hold up his end yet. It seemed like no matter what I did, giving him space, taking on more responsibilities, I couldn’t help his stress. I stopped doing well in school, but it was alright, I was already accepted to transfer to a school across the country, and it was only one semester. I lost my job because I was getting depressed and anxious again, but he was still supportive, and I’d have to quit when we moved anyways so it wasn’t a big deal. Then it was finals week for him. He was extra stressed, and he crossed a line. It was a glimpse into what he had been like at it worst and it scared the crap out of me. I told him if he wanted a life with me he couldn’t talk to me like that anymore.

His reply? “I don’t.”

How I Became a Crazy Ex Girlfriend
He proceeded to accuse me of tricking him into getting back together, he screamed at me, told me he hated me, it was just like he was before. He said he felt that way from the beginning and tried to force himself to love me. I shut down. It made no sense. I was supposed to move across the country with him in less than a month. I asked him when he started feeling that way, and he said when I started talking about getting married. The conversation that HE had started. He even rewrote history in his mind claiming that I invited myself along with him and was using him for his money (which he had none of our entire relationship) and he never wanted me to go with him. Everything he accused me of was so far off of anything that I would ever do.

Something in me snapped. I was already on the brink of major depression. I was so focused with our new relationship, and having a life I actually looked forward to again that I had alienated myself from my friends and family. I had no school, and no job, and now the one thing keeping me together was leaving me again. I simultaneously blamed myself for getting back with him, and for losing him. I felt so fucking stupid. I felt like I had lost everything. He moved away without even telling me, and then blocked me on every platform.

I think some people assume I tried to kill myself because he left me, but that wasn’t it. I tried to kill myself because I saw just how easy it was for someone to take everything from me. I learned that I would repeat the same mistake. I saw a life of this happening over and over again because even after all of that, I still wanted him back. I still wanted that life he promised me.

I tried to kill myself because in that moment of weakness, I saw it as the only way I would never go back to him. He knew all of my weaknesses, exactly how to get me back, and exactly how to hurt me the most. I was stuck. He had finally succeeded in making me the crazy one, and I’m not sure I’ll ever fully recover.

Because even now, I still miss him.

How I Became a Crazy Ex Girlfriend
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  • heyyyyy123
    Ugh, it was hard to read the whole thing because the thought of him just annoyed me a lot. Not saying he was a complete waste of time, but im glad you realize what he was doing to you.
    I'm not going to judge you or tell you how wrong you are because you are 100% not alone in this okay? I have never personally gone through a break up but I am in a relationship with someone and I could totally see myself falling into the very same thing, no shame there.
    I have had friends who have done the very same thing, even in worse situations. When you love someone who was once someone who was perfect and your everything, it is normal to cling onto them and want them to be who they once were. I know how hard this is.
    I'll share a quick story about my friend who dated this boy who I even encouraged in the beginning, because in all honesty he was a good guy and she loved him so much. But I think much like your situation he started to change and show his real colors, this guy ended up being someone I didn't like anymore and every time I saw her she would be sad or crying on how he didn't show her any affection, wouldn't have sex with her often, and made her feel insecure because she felt unwanted. Eventually after a while he even became physically and verbally abusive (it never got really bad because i honestly think it was an accident, but after I heard that I was like no you're leaving him right now and I took her to my house away from him). One time she came back from vacation and ended breaking up with her on her way back and she texted me in hysterics because she was with her family and he threatened to throw her stuff out on the lawn.
    This boy was using her insecurity and vulnerability to his advantage. He knew that she loved him and would do anything for him. Whenever I talked to him, it was nice, had a personality, was never mean to me, he was respectable person, but an awful boyfriend.
    Not everybody is ready for a relationship and people may love each other, but they are not compatible or taking care of their mental health issues. I wish the very best for you.
    I want to tell you that it isn't your fault, you're not crazy, and I'm actually happy that you are out of this situation, if you think you are the only one going through this. You are not. My friend now is living her life away from this boy and is happier then she ever was with him.
    He messed with your mind to ease his mental pain, please don't blame yourself for this.
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  • 19magic
    wow its not to that extent but a lot of this resonated with me due to my housemates they seem to hate anything thats primarily me always giving me advice on what a good friend is, and cus I've always been the type to have two or three close friends it seems like they are it, I've never wanted anything more but sometimes I never feel so judged why she listen to that, whats he doing that for, I've unintentionally alienated from everyone and lost myself over the other shit I've been through the past two years and its been hard the last few months, I've taken more risks drug and alcohol wise since its the only time I've felt alive and I'm just destroying my spirit. I know this but instead of talking to them I rather keep this friendship as it is, since we're going on holiday together and again living together next year, except instead of a house of five its a house of three.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Jon_25
    That's crazy. It's good he's out of your life, and that kind of person is crazy. Not you.

    It sounds like he broke you. That's terrible. There's a way to fix that. Go to therapy yourself, and get your life focused on the things that matter. Before that even, you have to be able to live by yourself. Or you will always feel the need for someone else to fulfil your life. That's not healthy. You need to be healthy on your own, or people like that can easily take advantage of you by being able to "fill" you, like you think you need. You don't. They should always be extra to your life. Never necessary.

    It sounds like you already see what he did as well, so you can use this to avoid falling in the same traps in the future. Hopefully you never have to, but if you do, you will be able to tell, and avoid it. That's the good thing.

    I hope you get over this quickly. It's awful what he did to you, but the best thing now is to use that to make sure you don't let it happen again. Don't be afraid to lean on people either. You aren't in this alone, you have friends and a family. They can help you get through this okay. Good luck.
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  • This relationship was bad in so many ways that I don't know how to begin, and I suspect that you don't need me to catalog the many ways in which it was truly awful. The good news is that you contributed to the failure of this relationship: you selected an awful companion, you aided and abetted his horrid behavior, you tolerated all of his nonsense, and you took him back repeatedly so that you can another helping of his homemade poison.

    I call that good news because you know you cannot (and he will not) change any of his behavior, but you can change your behavior. That means you have the power to ensure that you never again experience a relationship like this. You apparently have some enormous deficits in your self-esteem and therapy and help you to address this and more.

    You have recognized some of the problems and that is a good first step. Take the next step and you have begun your journey!
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  • Some_Goof
    Damn! It was written so beautifully. You can be a writer, you know?
    Anyway, I can see why you'd like to be with him again. I want to say so much, but I can't put them into words.
  • shortynat
    I thought I was reading one of my old diarys. My god this is crazy I don't know what to say cause you and I are living the exact same life. Forget about him. Let him go. Cause you're never going to be happy never. Being with men like that is not healthy for us. Your life was way better when he wasn't with you, just like my life now. I'm single and I'm fucking loving it! You think I want to go back to being a prisoner hell no! Cause thats how he had you as a prisoner. Don't ever ever let a man control your life. He basically was controlling everything about you. Once you gave him that control, he took advantage and just continued on with it. He knew what he was doing and as sick as it sounds don't think for once he didn't know , he knew and he enjoyed it. I bet he even had sex with you right after he saw you crying your eyeballs out. If he did he basically used and abused you. Don't go back, keep your head up high and yes you will find someone that will want you and want to be with you and will love you for you.
  • Ollie92
    I've always given everything from me in a relationship and im one of the good keeper girls, but not always I've got that in return. I fall in love with my ex boyfriend. He spend 2 weeks with me, went to his home country and the next day asked me to pick him from the airport as he can't live without me. Two weeks later he proposed to me. We were together for 2 years when he realized he has Behtered syndrome and he will slowly paralize at the age of 22. He started taking it out on me by hitting me, punching me in the stomach and so on. I took that for 2 more years trying to support him, help him with everything i can and make him feel good, excusing his behavior with the sickness. He added to that gambling his whole salary and drinking all day. I broke up with him and i still feel guilty for doing so, BUT to be honest i stayed too long just for blind love and hope that it will all be alright. I never did this mistake again and hope other people dont do it too and learn when to let go. Now im happily married to the best guy ever, so there's hope. Hope you get this luck too as you deserve it.
  • JimRSmith
    He was a narcissist - I'm absolutely confident of that.

    And no matter what he claims, he will never, ever change.

    Purge him from your life utterly.
    • Tideo568

      Oh , come on he had panic disorder it’s not his fault.

    • @Tideo568 it being his fault or not does not change the fact. A narcissist is still a narcissist. Much like a pedofile is still a pedofile.

  • Mi2mi2a
    You were in an abusive relationship, It's not your fault. It isn't. You were braiwashed into thinking by him that you 'need' him. But you don't, that life he promised you, you can take it yourself with someone else better.

    Please, go to therapy, it will help you build yourself again. hope that it gets better and that he never contacts your ever again so you won't relapse.
  • SaltyBooze
    There's plenty of people who relate with you, myself included. Been into abuse for so long it kinda grew into me it was the way people were. I was so wrong. Don't fall for it, stable relationships will be on the horizon. They will come and go, and every little bit of them will be good for you. Use the bits of them for rebuilding. And always remember nobody needs anybody else. The healthier way is wanting that person.
  • collegerules
    Reading that almost made me cry, I went through almost the same thing something kind of similar. Just know people like that doesn't deserve your time and heart. Get back into doing the things you love, try new things you think you'll love. Try talking to someone if you think that will help you. He torn you down but you just have to remember you're beautiful inside and out and you'll find your true happiness
  • Poppykate
    He is a classic narcissist. (Possible psycho!)
    They usually think that they are great! That they are great with dealing with people. And that by being special (which they believe they are! Lol) they have power and influence.

    The downside is that these people think that most people are losers. They wish ill on most people and want them to fail. And can’t stand it when someone else is the centre of attention.
  • IlyaTheImpaler
    I only read the last 4 lines but don't be too pessimistic, you have more power than you think.
    Here's some quotes from Google
  • stevemeh
    I never had a relationship so I can't really miss what I never had. Dont get me wrong, I have been disapointed and heartbroken all my life whether it be from a broken family or some girl friendzoning me, but im glad to chase wealth and not have a shit relationship to keep me from my jouney
  • Pikachula
    You're not crazy, that guy is omg. I'm stunned.

    I can imagine you still want that life that was promised to you, you just won't get it with him and I'm sure you'll find a guy you'll like better that will actually be able to give you just that.

    You have a good heart, you trust a little too much. I'm like that too. It means you'll be making that mistake over and over, but it's better to be pure and sometimes get hurt than to be bitter and unable to love.
  • Nina12346
    This made me very emotional , please do not give up, you can and will get better everything takes time. right now try to focus on you, try making your life better, your career, save up , go back to school, get that degree If you don't. have one , everything will get better it always does.
  • musical_kittycat
    You are worth so much more than this. Get yourself a job, reconnect with your family and friends, go to therapy, and go to some sort of abuse recovery organization. You can rebuild your life. I promise.
  • castratedwhiteguy
    Sad story, but well written. You never specifically mentioned the type of music he tried to switch you on to. Much of today's music is very toxic and very satanic. As I've said before, a person's musical taste is a window into the soul. Personally, I'd reject any women who was into thug music such as hip hop or death metal, because her actions will eventually mimic the twisted musical messages that she's embracing.
  • Duke_Raul
    I can relate to this even share the same pain you must be feeling
    But for me she's asking for yet another time
    She broke it off the last two times cause she wasn't sure if I really felt the same way as she did for me.
    Am a fool thinking third time's a charm, Right?
    Do you know if its truly over for good now in your case ?

  • candycanehearts
    omg that's so awful! he sounds like those psychopaths from tv shows, I hope u don't believe what he says anymore!
  • hawaiiangroove
    Same here sis. Same here... i was told things I've never got! And i still miss this person! I became so emotionally ill. Im trying till this day to let go. Been a year since and i still ache.
  • lernulo
    Im afraid its a very common way into some kind of "men", I know its hard, because he was playing with your emotions, but if you can survive, you can make something much better
  • Caaarl
    Meh. It's kind of ironic that the title is the complete opposite he flips out on you and completely changes and apparently you're the crazy ex.
  • azzntittiz
    What a very abusive man, sounds like every man I've ever dated. They switch personality too and then tell people I'm insane and make stuff up. Cheer up baby and just smile it off, this is the world you love in and no I didn't read it all, it sounded too much like my life so I stopped.

    I've never really met a man that wasn't this way on some level, even if I didn't date him and he's just the clerk at a store, I tend to get abused by them too. I'm gonna go read the comments about how you attract what you are now, toodles.
  • Logorithim
    That's painful. Sorry you had to go through all that.
  • Nik1hil
    You didn't know you are supposed to reduce your number in front of his companionship
    • Nik1hil

      And if you were in so much Sync.. Then I am pretty sure.. He misses you too

  • clampfan101
    Gosh. I’m not sure what to say besides “I’m sorry”...
  • bokyo
    jesus fuck can you write my 800 word assignment thats due in less than an hour that would be amazing
  • DJZest
    How dumb; should not have wasted a minuted reading into this.
  • torken
    dang, thats rough, but good take
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • keenmind2007
    Unexpected yet gratifying. Nice take.
  • dandee55
    Sorry to hear your troubles.
    be very cool like me lol
  • NovissimumVirorum
  • Nice222
  • Anonymous
    Oh dear
  • Anonymous
    awwww dont say that, you are not crazy no matter how many times he says it or he made you feel that way. Its ok to miss him, he was a big part of your life.

    you are starting to notice red flags and you are starting to distance yourself, its not crazy to still have feelings for him. It may not feel like full recovery but there's always something to take from the relationship, and thats recovery when you are learning, and when you decide to put yourself out there again, hey im pretty sure you will recover

    i went through something like this recently, im with you! you aren't alone, you are not crazy i promise, you are hurt, and your wounds will heal :)
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Wow that's interesting
  • Anonymous
    i would be considered the crazy ex boyfriend when in reality im not I just want back what is mine

    after that I will leave her alone forever
  • Anonymous
    all you need is sex!
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Sounds typical of women to me.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    some girls really need to learn to " move on"
  • Anonymous
    Good take
  • Anonymous
    that must suck
  • Anonymous
    Nice read