When emotions run high, thought freezes - when in a personal crisis

Emotions are the counterpart of our logical reason and we all are susceptible to falling prey to our emotional reactions when it comes to situations in which it would be better to think before acting.

In relationships of any kind, it's usually emotions that lead to an end of contact or a break up respectively.

Although you like that person, you chase them away since your emotions won out over your mind.

To get a better understanding of how emotions urge our ability to consider into the background, I am going to outline the underlying root of this issue - Stress

Firstly, there is something called "Eu-stress" and "Di-stress" - Eu strees is positive stress, like in being excited for example, while Di-stress constitutes an unpleasant feeling of supressing, which makes us feel overwhelmed and helpless when we experiecen this kind of stress.

Then, each of us has subconsciously learned how to react to stress.

Some people, may withdraw themselves completely, others freak out, others stay calm and shake it off, and some others just face the stress and put up with the situation, they fight against it so to speak.

Impulsive individuals are also very emotional and highly sensitive even, they are also often spontaneous, meaning that these people are especially prone to letting stressful sitatuions overhwlem them easily.

Anyone reacts to stress the way they have learned it- they unknowingly act out of experience, which means they don't really mean it when they leave a relationship for example.

Their intrinsic reaction - pattern automcatically urges them to react - not their conscious mind as you would probably believe. In such situations, emotions run high, while logic freezes.

More importantly, when a person has lost the foundation of herself,her identity for instance, she feels extreme di-stress. Losing the idea or conviction of who you actually are, is a scary experience since you are left with nothing psychologically speaking.

This is a crisis. Before people are forced to think about themselves in a completely new manner, they will do anything to avoid this.

If the person however decides to do so nonetheless, she is going to a serious personal crisis.

This again is one of the most intense ways one can experience stress.

Give them a reasonable amount of time and space to withdraw and to calm down, mostly they feel sorry and bad about what they have done or said. As you probably know, tomorrow is a new day, and so will be their outlook.

To draw a final conclusion - reconsider your behavior after you have left and consider the other one's behavior and analyze everything that happened carefully and admit your mistakes and offer reconciliation.

Many relationships could be saved if people kept in mind that impulsive reactions are a result of di-stress that makes the mind freeze and makes emotions run high !!

Stress, in other words, is a different kind of pain .

Pain however is only temporary.

Find a path to reconciliation - positive eu-stress will be the result for sure !!! ;)


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