Cold As Ice❄️, She'll Kill You Twice. 🔫🔫 [editor collaborations]

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I'm quite excited about this. It started when I came across @smahala1991 's mytake "Cold As Ice" my first attempt at poetry. It's quite short, but very powerful, and I adored the message a lot. You can just tell when it comes from the heart. I asked permission to do a collaboration to turn it into a back and forth dialogue, without taking away any of the original meaning of the piece, but to give it even more added depth than it already has. Frankly, I don't believe he is aware of his skill. Quite happy he agreed because this turned out quite nicely. Hope you guys enjoy.

Cold As Ice❄️, She'll Kill You Twice. πŸ”«πŸ”« [editor collaborations]

Guy: by @smahala1991

Girl: by @justbanannaz

#editorcollaborations #smahala1991XjustbanANNAz

I saw you the other day, I thought I would try to say hello. But, your memories came flooding back. I realize you were still cold as ice.

Daring to look my way, after so long. You better turn your eyes from me, or I'll kill you twice.

We Once loved each other, that was until you started to like the finer things in life. All the jewelry, the cars, the attention, the prettier Guys. Your heart became as cold as ice.

My heart sought another, he gave me worth in luxuries, he gave me life. Try to take that away from me, I'll kill you twice.

You once cared for me. In a way I thought was nice. But your rich friends seduced your soul. Your soul became as cold as ice.

I loved you, and you felt it. Undressed my mind, my body too. But I was scared, told I couldn't trust you. Hold me again and I'll kill you twice.

Your words so sweet and caring. Now they stab me like a knife. You told me to go away and fuck off. Your words are as cold as ice.

Cry. Cry your eyes out. Flow, river of tears. Torn between "I miss you" and "get out of my fucking sight". Cry a little harder, or I'll kill you twice.

One day you will catch a cold, or pneumonia will set in. All from a guilty conscience. All because your heart, soul, and words were as cold as ice.

I saw you smile at me the other day, I thought I would try to say hello. But your memories came flooding in- warmth. Melting me away, so I killed you twice. To stay alive, I must be cold as ice.

A huuuge thanks again to smahala1991. There is some real talent around here. I look forward to doing more collabs and I hope this inspires some of you guys to give it a go as well! (:

PS: Please don't take this as a representation of the human race okay? This is not a stimulus for you to rant about. Ok? Coolies thanks. xx

~j.B 🍌 & s.M1991 πŸ•

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  • Thank you so much @justbanannaz !!! I ❀ this idea so much! And thanks for the shoutout as well. I never really knew it would be so powerful! I look forward to doing more collaborations in the future along with anyone else who wishes to do a collaboration with either you or me.

    • thank me? thank YOU! definitely is something else! I'm sure we're yet to see more of your stuff, keep it up xx :)

    • You're welcome ☺ although the collaboration was your idea! We both should be proud of the collaboration ☺

    • definitely :)

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