How To Cure A Broken Heart

How to cure a broken heart

To go through a breakup is one of the hardest things you could ever put your heart through. It feels like you will never be okay again, and you just want to rip away from reality and fly to a different universe where you dont have to feel this pain anymore. You know its real when the very second you open your eyes, the first thing that occupies your thoughts are that person. You know you can't feel like this anymore or else you will just disintigrate into your own pit of sadness...but you don't know how to move on.

Here's a quick guide to curing a broken heart.

1. Allow yourself to cry for 2 weeks

Give yourself this amount of time to feel sorry for yourself. Cry, wail, crawl away from the world and hibernate for 2 weeks. After that, dont ever shed another tear over this person ever again.

2. Block them

I know it's hard to do, but trust me, when you get enough courage to block them, you will see how much easier it is from that point on. Sometimes when a couple breaks up, one or both people never block the other thinking there will always be a window for contact if they decide to change their mind one day. You leave them free to get a hold of you because in your mind, you haven't really moved on and you still have thoughts of you two getting back together. You dont want to miss the chance of never hearing from them ever again. But, this is a must if you want to move on from the past. And blocking them on every social media outlet they are active on or own an account to is important as well. It gives YOU a way to not stalk them or creep on them even if you wanted to. Out of sight, out of mind...for now.

3. No contact rule

There's a rule out there that says you must not contact your ex for 30 days. However, even if you pass the 30 day mark, that doesn't mean you should reach out to them. Those 30 days is for you and only you. Its not for them to start missing you...its not to make them jealous that you've moved on or for them to realize that you dont care about them anymore. Its to give time for you to heal your heart and to focus on yourself while remaking and improvng parts of your life you may have neglected such as reading that book you left on the shelf or learning a new language. Once you make it to 30 days, reach for 40 next, and then 60. It doesn't just stop at a certain number. It stops when you finally heal.

4. Go out

Do things that are fun for you. Go out with friends, family, or even just by yourself. Don't stay at home sulking your life away (you did enough of that already lol). You dont deserve to feel miserable just because you werent compatible with someone. Its time to explore the outside world and do exciting things to get your mind off that one thing thats making you feel sad. The more you are occupied, the more your mind is occupied. Laugh and have fun. The best way to go out when no one is currently available to go out with you is to go to the gym and exercise!

5. Change your appearence

Do something different to your look that no one expected from you. Experiement and change it up. Maybe you were hiding a sense of style you never knew you had until now. Cut bangs, put on colored eye contacts, or get a new pair of glasses. Or if you have long hair, grab it by your chin and CHOP it all off (lol just kidding, thats what I did and it turned out horrible..). Maybe dye your hair a different color, or wear a sexy dress you thought you could never pull off. The point is to try new and exciting things.

6. Flirt with other people

It doesn't have to be serious, but when you put yourself out there and make yourself available to other people, it can change the way you feel about yourself. Let yourself know that other people do find you attractive and that you are a potential and worthy partner to be with. Just because one person didn't see that in you, doesn't mean nobody will.

7. Stand out in the cold (optional)

WARNING. This may not be the best solution for everyone, but it worked for me personally. I just wanted to feel something besides the hurt my heart was going through so I went outside when it was snowing with my pjs and just stood outside staring at the falling snow on my deck. For a moment I actually forgot about feeling sad and just focused on feeling the icy cold against my skin. Its not the smartest way to get over a broken heart, but it temporarily soothed my destructive thoughts. And it was a really nice view too which made me feel at peace and relaxed.

Having been through a hard breakup like the one I went through for 5 months this past year was the most difficult thing I had to deal with. It messed with my school work, social life, motivation and pretty much everything I had going for myself becasue my world just collapsed on me and I didn't know how to rebuild it back up again.

I never knew what real true heartache was until this time in my life. This list just shows a few things that helped me out and what I hope will help others out as well.


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  • Great take !! Love the first apple pic.
    I'd say , change your appearance, the places you usually visit, your lifestyle or even cities if nothing else works.


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  • Great Take! I broke up lately and I did most of the things you described. Sometimes I am still thinking of him but I think I am ready for a new adventure 😀


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  • did everything can't block em tho, just seem so childish
    ... but im not logging in by the way... so who is more childish?

    • Why is it childish to block someone? In my opinion, its pretty much the most helpful thing to get over someone.

    • of course it hurts, but in my opinion one should be able to just look elsewere to not let those you have feelings for get to know you have them.
      indifference pays more than everything

  • Gret mytake cong!👍😊

  • 2012

    I'm 22

    girl cheats on me

    my first broken heart

    i was upset for a month but immediately blocked them and never talked to her again. i didn't hang out with a girl for 2 years. but a new girlfriend ( now ex ) helped me get. past it.

  • I moved 2500 miles away from my ex.


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  • Johns Hopkins University medical center cures broken hearts. Or the University California at San Francisco what Emory University

  • Thank you so much for writing this. I'll never thought I'll ever feel that much pain from someone I love but it happened. I had to break up with a guy I love so much but who couldn't stop lying to me and hurting me emotionally. It's only been a week, I'm a mess and can't stop crying but this gives me hope.

  • Great take!😊👍