Breakup Survival 101

Breakup Survival 101

Breakups can be devastating, especially when you loved and cared for someone so deeply. You have been rejected and the relationship is over. This won't be the last time this happens if love is what you seek. Every break up is a learning experience. Since you cannot turn back the hands of time you must be strong, and do your best to let time heal these wounds. It can be hard but you can start with one simple rule... look out for numero uno!

Don't get sick. Do not allow this to make you so sick that you are sporting the fetal position in the corner of your bedroom. Do not allow the negative feelings and emotions to affect your physical health. Avoid thinking too much. Do not get too depressed as it could make you become physically ill. Don't let this screw up the good things in your life. Don't eat crappy food. The movies love to show broken hearted women with ice cream, cookies, and squeezing an entire whip cream cansister down their throat. Sometimes I guess it can be cathartic.... but the next day it's time to hit the gym.

Take some responsibility. As they say it takes two to tango. Taking some responsibility will help you analyze what happened in a fair manner. Was there something that you did or maybe didn't see? Learning from a break up is the most important thing one can do to help achive a more solid realationship in the future. So cut yourself and them some slack.

Avoid self-destructive habits. Don't be stupid and start taking drugs. Do not start smoking or gulping down the MD 2020. The Grape is pretty tasty but ...seriously no booze. These will never help you to feel better; instead, it may destroy you over time. Please remember beside your ex, there are people out there who still care and love you, especially your family and friends.

Do not mess with LOVE. You must understand what has happened and process it before jumping into the next relationship; do not get back at your ex by sleeping around or with his or her best friend. This is really dumb and will make you feel worse. Show yourself a little respect and try and stay busy with a passion project. Try to always have something going on... make plans with friends... spend time with your family.

Try and stick to your daily routine. It's okay to mourn the loss of the relationship. Have a good cry, get your emotions out so you can start feeling normal again and move forward with your life. Hit a boxing bag or take an MMA class. Get back to your daily routines as soon as possible. Learn to focus on happy thoughts and actions. It will get better one day at a time. Don't cancel stuff so you can mope and feel sorry for yourself. Stay strong and keep your appointments. You still have a life that needs attending do it even if you don't want to.

It could be a blessing in disguise. Once time has healed all wounds you will discover that now with a clear head this may have been for the best. This is a time to be honest with yourself, but also see a more clearer picture. I promise.... you will come out of this a much wiser and confident person for the future. You may look back and go, "Wow what was I thinking".

Will I ever fall in love again? Yes... maybe many times over. You see nature has a funny way of bringing two people together with all those butterflies and feelings. What nature doesn't have down is syncing you with the right person. All nature cares about is procreating the species. So we have to be careful and sometimes make wiser decisions using our head more then our hearts to find the one we are meant to spend the rest of our lives with. Break ups give us wisdom over time to do that very thing.

"Every break up is an opportunity to do it right the next time"

T. Anthony


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  • Yeah I got super sick. Like super sick after my "future husband" and I broke it off.
    Was probably one of the worst sick moments I ever had. Took me a really long time to heal.


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  • 1. Think about why your relationship didn't work.
    2. Don't romanticize this breakup in your head.
    3. You don't "get over" an ex. You just move on with your life.
    4. You don't need to forget your ex.
    5. There is no "normal" amount of time necessary to recover from having your heart ripped out.
    6. Remember the good times, but don't confuse your nostalgia for the good old days with missing the person who broke your heart.
    7. What made the "magic" in the relationship? You can find magic in other relationships.
    8. If things turn too bleak for you, have a lifeline who you promise to call upon.
    9. Don't forget the bad stuff. Remind yourself of the problems you had.
    10. You want to see your ex again, but don't do it.
    11. Your duty of loyalty has ended.
    12. Start dating as soon as you feel ready.


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  • "Every break up, every failure, is an opportunity to do it right the next time"

    That is much better put.

  • 24 years old, never had a relationship/never got broken up with, lucky me I guess? Lol was curious about this. But yea the thing you said "yes you will fall in love again"
    That's bullshit lol... It's not in the cards for me thats a fact. Lol, damn shame too. But there's... Better things in life than love? Lol

    • @uhdopedude You can't help you fall for you just do. My buddy is 41 years old and just fell hard for the first time in his life. He said the same thing. I guess if you avoid it than you are correct! Love is a huge risk that some are just not willing to take.

  • Remarkably similar to this:

  • I mean this will generally help some people and others it will not. Guess that goes without saying

  • I would recommend smoking and drinking, just not excessively, it can make you feel a little better, especially with friends. Take up a new hobby too.

    I'm saving violin lessons for a super nasty one.

  • Drinking does help, in moderation though lol

    Good take anyways 👍

  • Fascinating m