Managing Your Emotions


We cannot get rid of Emotions, but we can manage them. Emotions are part of our everyday lives; they come as we pass through our daily activities. It could come in the form of having a good laugh or feeling frustrated in rush hour traffic. Your ability to control your emotions affects how you handle issues. If you learn to be calm, and calculated you will be at your best to overcome most annoying issues, but rage and anger can get us into trouble, even when we have the right. For instance, a person accused wrongly will do anything to free him or herself, and in the process might harm others, and this becomes a crime void of whether he/she was guilty or not in the first instance.

Watch your emotions

Know yourself, know the type of person you are, know what easily gets you angry and avoid those things. To prevent harming others, you can be the loser, and walk away. This very act might save you from getting yourself and others into trouble. Also watch your thought, before you think to the point of negativity, you can reverse and think positive.

Use positive words

In the heat of argument, do not add fire to fire by throwing words at each other. You can say "calm down", "let's talk on this later", "and Let me explain myself". To win a point, you do not need to argue all the time, because anger plus anger is fire plus fire. But you can calm any angry situation with peace, which is the antidote for anger.

Lack of control for negative emotions can lead to frustration, fear, anxiety, worry, pain, disappointment. These feelings make us feel trapped in our situations. To deal with this type of situations, it is better to replace the negative emotions with positive ones. Look for something good about yourself, the very fact that you are alive and breathing gives hope for another opportunity and always remember that all is not lost.

Above all learn to be respectful and be loving, and forgiving. A lot of people do not know the beauty of forgiveness: it is simply letting go of the negativity. It is like cleaning a dirty room, keeping things in place and allowing a fresh air to come in, so that you live healthy. Anger does no one no good, but with peace we can achieve a lot in our family, society, and the universe.

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  • Acknowledging your emotions isn't managing them... Right?


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