You Can't Help Who You Love...You Just Do!

You Can't Help Who You Love...You Just Do!

Ever wonder how love works? Is nature behind this insidious phenomenon called love? Why do you feel like you are about to faint when you kiss one person but feel nothing with others? Do you know? I don't think you do. I think people go crazy without ever knowing the WHY. Remember that girl you liked at work that you gave the best compliments to and befriended her to no end? Then that asshole co-worker somehow swooped her up and you were left in the dust? You know exactly what I'm talking about. Why? Why did this happen? I was so nice and this guy out of nowhere whose reputation is terrible gets the girl? How?

I am here to pull back the curtain, that curtain that has wrapped you up into insanity. There are no funny photos to break up this Take. Nothing. Just me talking to you. So listen the fuck up. I recently gave a client some advice that of course he didn't take because love conquers all right? I mean seriously it does. It is like a drug that I have never seen or dealt with before in my life; it is the utmost addictive drug.

How can a person request help, ignore that help completely, and follow his demise with that addiction? I can tell you nature; the earth, plants, trees, everything is involved in love. Love is something that just happens; it is a connection that only happens once in a while. The problem is that nature doesn't give a shit about you and whether or not you and him or her are a match. Nature is all about reproduction. Can we continue the species? Nature is in charge.

You Can't Help Who You Love...You Just Do!

The human race has lasted only this long not because of lust and unintentional births. Oh no, nature created love, a feeling so powerful that it creates and demands reproduction between man and woman. The divorce rate is almost 56% with most already having children, so you see nature succeeds and the human race continues on, even if it creates a path of divorce.

My advice and hey it's free - today only - know what you want and also know that if you are 22 years old you won't be the same person at 33. You just won't. Your goals, ambitions, and life in general will be different then what you felt 10 years prior. I know too many people who got married and had kids early and now they're divorced. This is just a rant from me, a dating coach who has seen it all, so take it for what its worth. Most will bash but 10 years from now and will maybe, possibly, remember some guy who offered up some advice on some website.

Audit yourself before you become a statistic.

You Can't Help Who You Love...You Just Do!
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  • capturemyheartnow
    He is absolutely right. Some people are just lucky in love While others make great efforts and fail. Why do bad boys get good girls? It' exactly because nature plays its role. Many people go to a coach to find a solution to their problems. But they don't want to go with the solution. if they had tried , 50% of the people could have succeeded. many coaches are good at their work but they don't get sufficient work because people don't trust them. trust is a very important factor when you deal with your problems. so when you approach a life coach go with the conviction and trust that you will become a successful person with his help.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Blonde401
    Love sucks. I've never experienced it returned and I can't help but feel like shit because of it. (Romantic, platonic, familial).
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    • You will! Be ready for it!

    • Blonde401

      Nah I won't, I've given up on it.

    • it will hit you out of the blue... thats how it usually gets ya lol

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    You can. It's just a lot harder to choose what you find visually attractive or arousing. Because your own brain will decide that arbitrarily and subcionsciously, and then be a total scumbag about it.

    Real love IS a choice.
  • Sjeggy
  • Anonymous
    Sad but true :(
  • Anonymous
    Indeed, you can't help who you feel for. Just recently I got ditched by a girl who I had a lot in common with and we hit it off big time. Then things ended once I found an empty condom wrapper in her bed, but on her end and not mine.

    I don't even think being nice or not is even relevant in that case but sometimes you can't help but over analyze when someone's all over you then suddenly they flake/ghost on you.

    But even though I developed feelings early on, I kept my cool and just played it by ear with her.

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